10 Secrets From Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule that Will Double Your Productivity

10 Secrets From Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule that Will Double Your Productivity

Build Self-Esteem With Words of Hope

“What’s the matter Mama?” Zig knew very well what the problem was. He hadn’t done a very good job with those peas. Mrs. Ziglar knew exactly how to get through to her young son. Find out what Zig Ziglar learned from his mother in this very inspiring article.

Liking Yourself Just As You Are

Imagine truly liking yourself. What would that feel like? For me it is a feeling I have never experienced before. Pure joy. I have decided to really like myself just as I am.

3 Major Self Esteem Building Activities You Can Do to Improve Your Life Fast!

Your self esteem is the biggest hurdle to get over in achieving any goals you wish to accomplish. Most people don’t know they have low self esteem until they meet a person with high self esteem. You can change your self worth and how good you feel about yourself fairly quickly. It takes determination and honesty on your part. There are 3 major things you can do right now to get yourself ahead of the rest.

5 Ways to Build Self Confidence

Self confidence is the distinction between feeling inevitable and feeling afraid out of your mind. Your awareness of yourself has an huge shock on how others recognize you. Sensitivity is actuality – the extra self confidence you have, the extra likely it is you will succeed.

The 3 Biggest Barriers to Growing in the Second Half of Life

The three biggest barriers to growing in the second half of life make the difference between having a life of vibrancy or disenchantment. This article gives practical tips on how to remove the barriers and enjoy life.

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Boost Your Confidence – The 7 Step Guide

Have you always wanted to feel confident but have lacked the zeal to build your confidence level or felt lost on how to do it? Read this 7 step-guide and get grip on that elusive confidence level.

As Is

Low self-esteem is never a good. Once you learn your self-worth, confidence will soon follow.

Positive Self-Esteem and Negative Thoughts

It is nearly impossible to maintain a positive identity or good self-esteem when your mind is filled with negative thoughts about yourself or life. This article gives practical steps to identify and replace negative thoughts that destroy our sense of self.

One Missing Element

There’s one piece-one missing element that we often fail to address when seeking to manifest critical positive change in our lives. I didn’t realize what this missing element was until one hot summer day while in the midst of yet another of what I will now refer to as a ‘hate-love’ day.

Positive Self-Esteem and Our Behaviors

Our true identity does not come from our behavior, rather, our behavior flows out of our identity. What we believe about this and what we believe about our origin will affect the way we feel about ourselves.

Self-Improvement – the Problem With Self-Esteem

What stands between who you are now and who you truly want to be– and your self-esteem– is an obstacle to be overcome. It’s a problem. And problems are bad. Or… are they?

Self-Help – I Am Calling For a Fatwah on FADWAS

Negative beliefs are the cause of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease for the people of this planet. Beliefs are habits of thought, so Self-Help Job #! is to STOP negative thinking the moment it occurs. FADWAS are the key.

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5 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself

As a SELF IMAGE SPECIALIST I help people overcome their barriers or limitations that hold them back from being all that they can be. Where SELF IMAGE is concerned there is predominately 5 things that hold people back from believing in THEMSELVES.

Is Individual Character and Self-Esteem in a State of Decay?

More and more people in society are showing signs of low self-esteem and depression. In fact, the amount of prescribed depression drugs is so high these days there is often a greater chance you are talking to a depressed individual than not. So, if you see relatively high-self-esteems that could be the drugs talking, not the actual person.

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