19 Tiny Habits That Lead to Huge Results

19 Tiny Habits That Lead to Huge Results

How To Boost Self-Esteem – 6 Quick Steps

How to boost self-esteem is a question that even the most successful people often ask themselves. For the rest of us mere mortals here are some useful tips for improving self-esteem

Second-Guessing Yourself: Costing You Confidence and Money

Do you make it a habit to second-guess all your decisions? Do you doubt yourself from the get-go whenever an opportunity or challenge presents itself? If this rings a bell, it is costing you in many ways. You may “think” it is insignificant, but in reality it costs you confidence and money. That’s right, it literally costs you money. Here’s why…

Tips On Confidence Building – Make Your Life All It Should Be!

Learn tips on confidence building. Increasing your self confidence can have a tremendous impact on you and your life. Learn how you can easily boost your confidence with one simple tool.

The Perils of Confidence Building Techniques

There is a huge self-help industry centered on the idea of building confidence. A lot of people who come to me do so to help them become confident, either in general or in a specific area. There is a major problem with a lot of the techniques available for building confidence.

3 Pieces of Advice For People With Low Self Esteem

Why do some people always assume they’re not good enough? That the best things in life are reserved for others? Here are a few attitudes I’ve adopted, nearly by accident, that have truly changed all that.

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How To Feel Good About Yourself In Any Situation

Have you ever had feelings of inferiority or seemingly irrational fears that stop you from pursuing your dreams or attaining a level of success others seem to enjoy? Years ago a friend taught me a simple technique to help dispel those negative feelings. It helped me understand why I felt the way I did and more importantly it taught me a new way to think and feel.

Common Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem

These are some of the common symptoms of low self esteem. Find out if you have low self esteem.

How to Build Self Confidence in Three Easy Steps

First and foremost, resolve to spend the time it will take to learn how to build self confidence. Over time and with patience you will reap enormous benefits. Just imagine.

To Act Or Not To Act On Guilt: That Is the Problem

Counselling psychologists tend to see guilt as a personal problem whereas religious people say it is useful for it can lead to repentance. But this disagreement vanishes when we distinguish between mistaken guilt and realistic guilt. Sooner or later we all do foolish things. If we wish to rid ourselves of guilt then we should try to disentangle true conscience from mistaken conscience.

Low Self Esteem Symptoms

Normal everyday life for those people among us that suffer from low self esteem symptoms is surely no easy walk in the park! Far too often those with a poor self image, low levels of personal confidence and low self esteem are ridiculed instead of nurtured.

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Change How You Feel About Your Body

When we are born we are given a most magnificent tool. There is nothing a human has ever made that can match the acute intelligence and amazing abilities of our bodies. Unfortunately because our bodies are given to us free of charge and they are rather ubiquitous we take them for granted.

Off With Their Heads!

The Tales we tell ourselves and sell to the World about the events that have constructed the reality of our lives is what holds us hostage. We all have a Story. Its plot we use as leverage; as currency to negotiate the terms of our relationships with the Others that dwell alongside us on our pathways.

What Guys Really Think About Hair Weaves

We do not like them! We never did. The first thing we say when we find out that your hair is not yours, is “oh.” Then we wonder why you ever wanted to look like someone else!

Smart Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Self-esteem was an essential forecaster in predicting body esteem. Self-esteem is a bit like human body confidence, in how individuals experience by themselves and exactly how others understand them. In today’s world, someone’s physical aspect is viewed extremely on and has a lot of value.

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