3 Leadership Traits To Accelerate Your Career | Brian Tracy

3 Leadership Traits To Accelerate Your Career | Brian Tracy

Improve Self-Esteem With Online Business

Finding that early success in life did not equate to self-confidence and high self-esteem, the author found that after writing goals and desires, she was able to raise her self-esteem by starting an online business that was consistent with her desires and goals. Writing out your goals and desires does help clarify your intentions and allows you to move forward.

Positive Body Image – How Much Do You Really Love Yourself?

Having a positive self-image is inextricably tied up with the way we see others and what we think about them. Let me explain…

Ego-Boosters Versus Ego-Busters

At the most fundamental psychological level, there are, essentially, three kinds of people: Those that see the glass as half-empty, those that view the glass as half-full and those that will argue for hours as to whether it’s a glass at all! Do you know what category you fall into?

Rejection Degrades Thinking and Performance

Clear thinking is crucial for carrying on a conversation, making decisions, and practically everything we do. Now, studies reveal that rejection and criticism have a significant influence on how well a person thinks.

Six Keys to Self-Esteem

Learning self-esteem basics has to start with what self-esteem is and isn’t and how it affects daily life. Self-esteem is what determines whether or not you live a fulfilled, happy and successful life. With poor self-esteem life will be a struggle to deal with, you will lack motivation and you will have a very lack luster list of expectations for yourself.

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Discover The Solution For Gaining Confidence Around Women

See how I, a man with very low self-esteem, learned to get enough confidence to attract women. Learn from the mistakes I had made in my search for gaining confidence around women so that you don’t waste your time and money on the same.

How To Build Self Confidence At Work

Developing self confidence is vital for our personal relationships, financial success, sports and at work also. You need to project a personality of confidence with your boss or employees. It doesn’t matter what your job is – you should trust in all your capabilities.

Why Self Confidence Is Important In Sports

A successful business person, speaker, athlete, Hollywood director, leader, president and many more have one thing in common, self confidence and you can have it too. Self confidence is as important for business success and personal relationships as is for sports success.

The Most Important Self Confident Benefits

You might have heard many times from different people that being self confident is very important and that you should trust in your self. But, they don’t tell you why or how you can use it for your benefit. Lets take a look at some of the facts and benefits.

Self Esteem – How to Improve Self Esteem Today

Take this simple test to see if you have problems with low self esteem. 1) Do you think that other people have better clothes, jobs, cars, or relationships than you do? 2) When someone tells you they love your outfit, do you say to yourself “Yeah Right!”

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If You Can Create It You Can Change It

Some people believe that they are situated in circumstances that they can not change. That belief is far from the truth. The truth is anything that we can create we can change. Realities are only realities because that is exactly what we had created.

How to Deal With Rejection in the Workplace

Rejection in the workplace can come in many guises. You may be rejected at interview stage by a potential employer, you might feel like your current boss isn’t listening to you and that your ideas and thoughts aren’t being taken seriously, you might have been turned down for promotion or you might be being given the cold-shoulder by your co-workers.

What’s the Real Meaning of a Gift? Avoiding the Post-Christmas Blues

Have you experienced post-holiday gift stress? Worried about paying the credit card bills? Read on for the REAL meaning behind gift giving and stop the stress!

Falling In Love With Yourself

You send Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends to let them know just how important they are to you, and how much you love them. But have you ever said those things to yourself? Nurturing, caring, encouraging, supportive, kind, complimentary – we’re all these things with people we love. We’re focused on helping them achieve their dreams and goals, and quick to reassure them when things go wrong that it’s not all their fault.

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