3-Minute Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

3-Minute Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

Work Out To Increase Your Chances Of Success With Women

There is a dirty, little secret for the club game that I’m going to share with you, and if you put it into action, you will be surprised how your chances of success with women will rapidly increase. Before you hit the club, first visit the gym and have an intense workout. This will help you feel great, look amazing, and just ooze charisma in the club. The dating gurus avoid telling you this because they know that more guys make will make the effort to go to the gym to boost their self confidence which will make the gurus lose their clients.

Women Breadwinners and The Four Agreements: How to Love Your Imperfections

Women breadwinners are known to live by extremely high standards. No matter what the setting, they tend to live by a code of excellence that far exceeds what most people call “good.” While this is a great attribute to have in the workplace, this same inner belief system can wreak havoc on relationships, especially a woman breadwinner’s relationship with herself.

Women Breadwinners and The Four Agreements: How to Stop Taking Other People Personally

Read this article and learn how to become immune to the “good” opinion of other people. At the end of the day, what other people think of you is NONE of your business. Learn how to truly feel that way, no matter who the person is in your life.

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Get Comfortable Naked

In order to get good and comfortable at something we must practice. It’s the same thing with getting comfortable being naked around others.

How to Become More Confident by Embracing Your Inner Critic in 3 Simple Steps

When most professionals talk about “the inner critic,” the advice focuses on silencing it or getting rid of it. For some, this can be counterproductive. How/why? It’s like telling someone not to think about pink elephants. When that happens, what do they do? Well, they tend to think of pink elephants incessantly, no? So, following are three things you can do to embrace your inner critic and learn how to be more confident because of it. It’s just a different way of solving the same lack of self-confidence problem.

Are You Bothered by Public Speaking?

Your work or life may require speaking in public. Some people think of public speaking as delivering a talk to a large audience; others think that two or more people constitute a large enough audience to be intimidating.

Self Confidence Improvements

Improving self confidence is pretty much one of our missions in life. No one wants to live their whole life disliking who they are. Regardless of who we are, we all have something wonderful about us. It is up to us to find out. Once we do, we can check that off our list for good. Once we learn to be confidant in who we are we will find ways to prove it to ourselves.

Tips to Build Your Self-Confidence
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Professional or personal success and self-confidence are the undisputed definers of achievement. If you are weak, then despite being right, the others mostly perceive you with doubt. Anyone radiating confidence definitely is able to build his or her credibility faster and better. People look up to such people for the certainty they exude. The article below broadly guides you on boosting your confidence.

What’s So Bad About A Bit Of Self-Pride?

In flying too high Icarus is often seen as possessing overconfident arrogance. The proverb ‘Pride goes before a fall’ seems apt, implying suffering for those too cocky for their own good. On the other hand, sounding superior and important are favoured traits in today’s tough competitive economic climate. Even if your are not in business, you need to market your work skills in order to keep your own job or get another one. And it is said that it can become counter-productive to be modest because you may not be taken seriously. So is it really true that you will be like Icarus and suffer in some way as a result of being full of yourself and your ability? What’s so bad about a bit of self-pride?

Rear View Mirrors and Life – Glance Back But Keep Your Eyes Forward

Rear View mirrors are a wonderful invention to help us see what is behind us. Many new vehicles even have cameras now to help us get a better view and an alarm to tell you when you are too close to something that can cause damage. Very cool! Like any tool, if I don’t use these they can’t help. And if I use only these, I miss out on my personal view of what is around and in front of me.

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Change Your Fixed Mindset and Build Your Self Esteem

Fall back in love and create the life of your dreams get back into the game of life. You can decide any time you’re ready to go big or go home.

The Dangers of Not Admitting Your Loneliness

This article discusses the consequences that arise when people do not seek the proper help for their loneliness. It is intended to motivate lonely people to get the proper help and never stop battling this disease.

Feeling Worthy of Self-Respect

God is ‘good enough’ for anyone. God is great enough for every one of us to rest in. God is sufficient enough to draw all our worth from. God is satisfying enough to smile despite the depravity of personal judgment that says, “I am not good enough.”

Unafraid of People and Able to Love

We all tend to shy away from some relational and interactional situations. And it’s not just the introverted; the extroverted, of which I am one, also have their fears which drive all sorts of different avoidance behaviours.

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