3 Negative Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Productivity

3 Negative Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Productivity

An Unusual Way Of Dealing With Bullying Behavior

There aren’t too many people who I’ve encountered through my travels that haven’t been on the receiving end of bullying at least at some stage of their lives. It’s quite common for many people to associate bullying only with schools and kids. After all, the old school yard is where lots of things (good and not so good) are learned, perpetrated or experienced. The fact is that while bullying does indeed occur in schools, it also occurs elsewhere such as at shopping malls, sporting fields, the workplace, in our own neighbourhoods and, nowadays of course, over the Internet.

How to Be Healthy for Good – Pathways to Personal Growth

When you think of how to be healthy, most people just think of physical health – exercise, eating right, that kind of thing. But there is more -much more – to help you to be healthy. There is financial health, which is crucial to your overall well being. And there is “mental” health. By mental health, I am not talking about mental illness. I am talking about the way people think.

Don’t Let Inadequate Self Esteem Affect Your Life

Very often, one gets almost to the point of success and with just a little setback, they give up hope too easily and too soon. That’s a surefire recipe for low self esteem. Who knows what terrific things might have been produced if only they had kept on going?

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Nothing You Can Do!

This article is written with the BIG supposition that there is a God, and His nature can be described as ‘love’, and that the Judaeo/Christian revelations culminating in the teachings of Jesus Christ are the fundamental source of what we can really know about Him. If you can’t accept this supposition, please read on and see something of what you’re missing. If you are a Christian of whatever tradition, please read on – I wonder if you’ve ever heard the good news of Jesus put in quite these terms…

Personal Growth: Early Factors in the Development of Self-Esteem

The human mind is like a sponge, and from the baby’s first days the nature of the events it experiences contributes to its feelings of security and self-esteem. Many of the earliest impressions of the world become major factors in both personal growth potential and eventual self-esteem. Here are some of the most potent of these early experiences.

What’s Your True Value?

How do you value yourself? You may feel that you value yourself highly, and hopefully you do.

3 Choices for a Great Attitude in Tough Times

You’ve made a decision that will impact this moment, this day and your life. You’ve chosen to live this day. Frank Lloyd Wright once said “the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

9 Quick Tips To Boost Your Self Esteem

Feeling good about yourself is a wonderful feeling. So why don’t we do it more often? True and lasting self esteem is a combination of feeling good at about yourself for something specific you have done and a more permanent deep seated feeling of self worth. That deep rooted belief is based on the conclusions you draw about yourself over time. It’s something that can be developed and fostered. Here are 9 simple tips to feel better about yourself and grow your self-esteem.

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Correcting Poor Self Esteem for Business

Having low self esteem hurts your business in several ways. Fortunately, there are some corrections you can begin to take without years and years of therapy.

Gaining Self Confidence – Learning to Put Yourself First

Gaining self-confidence and learning to put yourself first becomes very apparent when moving into your first apartment, whether on-campus or renting your first apartment just out of your childhood home, you’ll be needing a number of things, many of them easy to forget. Some things you might not even know about, this being your first apartment, and on your own.

Get Out Of That Rut – Move Up Into The Fast Track

Perhaps you are one of those who entered adult life full of energy and hope for success. Five years have passed and here you are earning about average. Living about average. Your initial enthusiasm has fizzled out. Competition for top level jobs looks daunting. You’re saying to yourself things are OK so why stress. Forget those dreams, forget the holiday plans, forget the private schools, and forget about the house on the hill. You’re always telling everyone how happy you are. Actually you’re kidding yourself, what has happened is that they have developed a whole lot of new fears.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem Using Mental Imagery

The technique or practice of visualization involves using your imagination to see yourself doing or being whatever it is that you desire to do or be. At first glance some would consider this to be pointless wishful thinking, nothing more than daydreaming with no possibility of any practical value or outcome. They couldn’t be more wrong.

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3 Things to Avoid When Joining a Social Anxiety Forum

Every day people join forums online. They join forums to find like-minded people who share their passion, interests, and they also join to find answers to their questions. There are benefits to joining theses groups, but there are also some drawbacks.

10 Self Confidence Tips For Women

If you’re going through midlife changes, life transitions, or just need a boost, here are 10 simple self confidence tips to help you start living your best life: Give Thanks – Consciously focus on what you can appreciate in your life right now. Look at anything in your life that you can be grateful for and give thanks for having it!

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