3 Techniques to Overcome Your Brain’s Negativity Bias

3 Techniques to Overcome Your Brain’s Negativity Bias

Nurture Self-Pride In Yourself In 8 Simple Steps!

Self-pride is your sense of your own value or worth as a person. It is how much you like, accept, approve, and respect yourself. You can recognize yourself as worthy and capable of loving and being loved. Or, your self-pride can be the biggest stumbling block to living the successful, happy life you want to live. Self-pride effects how you act in every situation, what you say and do, and how your feel about yourself. It is a continuous influence on your perception of life.

Why Being Authentic is So Difficult

Why do we find ourselves struggling so often to be who we really are? Why is it so challenging to show up authentically? Why do we wear masks, and assume personalities of actors that hide our True and Real Self? What brings us to be fake and phony so much of the time?

Self-Esteem, Success, Happiness And Inner-Balance

High, or natural self-esteem is manifested in a wonderful feeling of inner-balance, grounded on self-acceptance and a healthy, comforting self-respect towards yourself. This is very different from self-confidence which is grounded in what you know you can deal with and accomplish. We can, for example, act in a very self-confident manner without our having high self-esteem.

Ladies – Are You Getting Enough?

I’m sure there were many things that popped into your mind when I asked the above question, but hey, that’s OK! When it comes down to it, you are the one who knows what you truly need. Just make sure you are honest with yourself about what that “something” really is.

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Confidence – Dynamic Flow Vs – “Static” State

What if your Confidence and Self Esteem were so resilient that you could handle yourself better in any setting? You are alive, right? So why is it that many people teach Self Confidence as a way to control your state as if it were something dead and “static.” So what if you could find yourself more Dynamically bouncing back from just about any situation and returning to a grounded and Centered State of mind and body? How much use will you find for this resilience once you practice it. So whether in a Business setting or in your Social life you can find your own uses for this practice to improve your Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

Collective Minds VS the Individual

Many people say that the ego is bad, the individual is dead and competition is dying, but is any of that really true. History shows us just the opposite in fact. Communism and Socialism lead to decay of society and civilization, where as capitalism which promotes the strength of the individual seem to propel nations faster and to greater heights. That goes for the present period as well as past periods.

How To Build Healthy Self Esteem

This article explains the negative and positive forces that influence our emotional well-being. Since these forces ultimately will affect our lives, it is important to understand them and learn how to control them to create balance and harmony.

Have You Been Gremlin’d? Part 2

In part one of this article I described to you the effects of the little negative voice or thoughts in your head, also known as your ‘Gremlin’. In this article, you can read my Tips on how to quieten your gremlin in order for you to gain more confidence and ultimately for you to focus and achieve your music career goals.

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Have You Been Gremlin’d? Part 1

I was talking recently to a group of young artists when I asked them “what might stop you from focusing on your music career goals?” Amongst many other answers, they said “a loss of confidence”. Now this isn’t the first time that I have heard this response – it is one that I constantly come across working in the music industry.

Self-Esteem Got You Down? 7 Things You Can Do To Improve Self-Esteem

How we talk to ourselves or our inner dialogue, greatly effects how we feel about ourselves, our self-esteem and self-worth. Often we are unaware of our inner dialogue because it becomes so automatic that we don’t even realize it’s there. When you begin to pay attention closely and listen for it, you will become aware of your thoughts. This gives us the chance to change our thoughts to ones that help instead of harm us.

How to Increase Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the degree to which you value and appreciate yourself. If you have a high self esteem you will generally have a positive mental attitude, have a high self worth and be confident in who you are and your abilities. You will have a high degree of control over your life and know what you want. Key indicators of low self esteem are when you find yourself comparing yourself unfavourably to others, always criticise yourself and your abilities, will put yourself down in front of people, feel depressed, powerless and helpless. Life coaching can be key to really increasing your self esteem and can give you a great kick start to getting your self esteem as healthy as possible.

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Strategy 6 – Own Your Dream

This is the sixth of a series of articles on how to achieve a dream. Written by a 58 year old woman born with cerebral palsy, the articles reveal a personal look into her journey of accomplishing many tasks that no one believed possible. This sixth article encourages one to give a dream life and power by telling others what it is and how it is important to one’s life.

Six pillar of self esteem – Do You Know the Limits of Your Self Esteem?

Your level of self esteem has a big impact on your life. The higher you raise it, the more you will be confident and happy. However, you may be confused about self esteem – just what is it? That question in itself is an indication of an area where you have low self esteem. If you are not clear on what is your self esteem, you will have a great deal of difficulty in raising it…

Confidence – How A Nervous Wreck Built Unstoppable Momentum

Absolute, unwaivering self-confidence is the foundation that any success is built upon – unfortunately, I’ve never had any of it. It’s taken me years, but I’ve built a foundation of unstoppable confidence – this is how I did it.

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