3 Tips for Better Focus – (ft. Robert Greene)

3 Tips for Better Focus - (ft. Robert Greene)

Building Up a Low Self Esteem

There is no magic formula for building up a low self esteem. In fact, the longer you have lived with a low self esteem, the more difficult it will be to improve. But looking on the bright side, nothing is impossible and you have everything to gain.

Tall Jokes – Dealing With Being Tall

Writing on behalf of tall folks – we know we are tall and it doesn’t make us feel any better to be constantly reminded of it. I am sick and tired of being told “Is it cold up there? So how tall are you anyway?”

How to Have Confidence Each and Every Day

You have probably asked yourself, as many others have done quite often, how to have confidence each and every day? There is no real satisfaction in being confident one day and then feeling a lack of it, the day after.

How to Gain Confidence and Learn Optimism in 3 Simple Steps

You can boost your confidence and optimism levels. The benefits of changing your thinking style can be huge. Here are 2 simple steps for making the transformation to your thinking.

Confidence in Yourself – What Happens When You Aren’t Confident You Can Achieve Your Goal?

Goal setting is a fantastic Coaching process, and there are numerous tools that Coaches use to support clients to generate their goals and to take the action. A wish is a hope, and has nothing behind it to make it happen, a wish goes something like this – “it’ll be great if it happens, if not then that’s the way it is”. Whereas goals have balls! Goals are written down, they have a date when they’ll be achieved, and there’s also a massive commitment to doing the stuff that must be done to make them happen. So, what happens if you don’t have the confidence in yourself that you can achieve it?

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Five Ways to Overcome Your Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can rob you of having a wonderful life as you are too scared to take on new challenges. Here are 5 ways that you can use to stop doubting yourself.

Five More Ways You Can Use to Overcome Your Self Doubt

We all have moments of self-doubt that stop us from moving on with our lives. Try these five more ways to over-come your feelings of self-doubt.

How to Have High Self Esteem

Is it impossible to achieve your dreams. No, of course not; many people do. So why is it you don’t seem to get anywhere? What are you doing wrong?

Face Your Fears by Using These Three Little Words

Are your fears keeping you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do? Are you scared to take that step that you know will change your life for the better? Do you fear the future?

Concealment of Who We Are and How We Developed

Nearly everyone hopes that his or her children will grow up and have a better lifestyle than they have. As parents, we desire what is best for our children and hope they can have an easy time in life. We want our children to learn from our past mistakes. If we can enable them to avoid repeating the self-same errors perhaps, they will be better off. Ultimately, it would be great if children, especially teenagers could avoid attending the same school of hard knocks that we attended.

How Important is Raising Your Self Esteem
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Few people realize that the best way to achieve your goals of happiness and success is simply through raising your self esteem. It’s surprising nowadays how many people genuinely suffer from very low self esteem, and it’s a problem that most people feel holds them back from enjoying their lives and achieving their goals and ambitions.

Living Your Values

When your values become clear, it enables you to take essential steps to adjust your life to fit your values and achieve the benefits that your values bring. It starts with you setting goals, followed by living your values, living congruently, or in agreement with you, and effortlessly living.

Is Meaning Related to Purpose?

In this article, I examine how an individual can develop self-esteem by developing inner meaning and purpose. Our inner strength can not only combat adversity, it could also help us leave a meaningful life.

How Self Confidence Builds Character and Purpose

The feeling of low self-esteem or any lack of confidence is usually attributed to an event in a persons life that had a lasting effect. This same feeling could also leave us with a sense of being worthless when it leads us to a lack of purpose in all parts of our lives. The same can be also said when we find the confidence that creates the opposite effect.

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