5 Hidden Cognitive Biases That Keep Us From Our Best Creative Work

5 Hidden Cognitive Biases That Keep Us From Our Best Creative Work

Difficult Is Not Impossible

Quite often, many things in life may be difficult. However, the real measure of whether someone will succeed or fail is how he handles adversity and difficulty, and how his attitude gets him to act. Many people merely give up when faced with adversity, and use the difficulty as some sort of “crutch,” by convincing themselves that it is so difficult that any type of modification or change would be impossible.

Change Thoughts Change Results

There are many popular books out today about how to change your brain. This of course is referring to changing your attitude, or more importantly – your thoughts. Your attitude determines every area of your life, and your thoughts determine your destiny. Change thoughts, change results, it’s that simple.

Self-Esteem Vs Morality: Can Self-Esteem Ever Turn Into Selfishness?

Have you ever struggled with choosing between doing what is “right” and doing what is good for yourself? To raise your self-esteem you should always put yourself first. Is it ever morally wrong to do so? Can the struggle to keep your self-esteem high turn into selfishness?

What You Need To Succeed In Life Is A Huge Jump In Confidence – How To Get That Confidence

When you go through life without confidence, everything seems like it’s going to end in failure or disappointment. You expect things not to turn out the way you want, and you get used to settling for second or third best. But it’s frustrating, and you know that if things were just different somehow, you could have the life you really want.

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Confidence Hypnosis – Rewire Your Conscious Mind To Be Confident

I know that having no confidence in yourself could really bring a person down. It’s like a person pulling you down when deep inside you really wanted to do it. I have seen so many people fail because they didn’t take the step to be confident and lose the opportunity that really is in store for them.

How the Art of Pampering Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

This article shares the importance of pampering when it comes to women’s self-esteem. It also provides tips and ideas for pampering without breaking the bank.

Confidence Building Tips You Can Really Use

Confidence is something that anyone can find within themselves and there are many great things you can do to jumpstart great self confidence. When you are using confidence building tips you may find that you can begin to feel better and this can be very motivating and keep you on the right path.

How To Gain Self Confidence And Meet New People

You may envy others that seem to have been born with high self esteem. You can learn how to gain self confidence and this may make others more attracted to you and your personality. Even if you have had low self esteem for quite some time, you can change this and become the person you have always wanted to be.

The New Empowerment Theory and How It Will Help You Experience Your Best Life Ever

This unique empowerment theory simplifies previous concepts while adding a new dimension that will bring dramatic results. Start your journey to personal empowerment today using the philosophies this theory embodies.

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How a Personal Development Journal Can Improve Your Ability to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

If you want to move forward in achieving your goals and dreams, a personal development journal is the right tool for you. Gain control over your life, experience personal and spiritual growth, and learn how to make better choices all by tracking your thoughts and behavioural patterns in writing.

3 Powerful Strategies for Building Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem see themselves as unworthy and unacceptable. Their perception of themselves is biased but they refuse to see it that way. Trying to persuade such a person about their qualities usually doesn’t work. So what are possible ways of raising one’s self-esteem?

Fast Ways To Learn How To Build Self Esteem

Learning how to build self esteem is something that can be challenging for many people, but if you want to improve your self esteem bad enough, there are some great ways you can do this. Self esteem can aid you in every aspect of your life and whether it is at your job, or in your personal life, how you feel about yourself will make a difference.

Normal Is Very Overrated

“That’s not normal,” or “He’s not normal,” or “You’re not normal.” How many times have we heard someone say something like that? Yet, have most of us ever asked, “What’s so great about being normal?

Hope For The Best, But Be Prepared

There is a delicate balance between being positive and gullible, as well as between being negative and a “nay-sayer.” So, what is one to do? I recommend being positive, hoping/anticipating the best,while being prepared for the worst!

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