5 Ideas That Changed My Life

5 Ideas That Changed My Life

How the Words of Your Mouth Can Build Or Destroy the Self Esteem of Others

So you do wonder why the reaction to someone you accidentally stepped on as you rustled through a crowd on the high street was a punch or a rain of abuse? Read on. I wondered for years. To a point that I felt like repaying such people with their own coin, but is it worth it?

The Four Truths About the Human Life

An ego-hunger is akin to the universal hunger for food! And food for the body serves the similar objective as food for the ego — self-preservation or perpetuation! The human body craves food to survive. And the ego–or that plainly distinct individuality of each human being–requires approval, respect and a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction.

Caring For Our Mind by Caring For Our Body

In this article, I will examine how the mind and body are connected. When we care for our bodies, we are caring for our minds by strengthening our self esteem.

What’s Common Between the Underachiever and Overachiever?

Overachieving – and the diametric opposite trait of underachieving – are two rather common conditions in today’s times. The seed for either trait is often planted in childhood, when many children fall into these categories in terms of academic performance, sports and many other activities. We must keep in mind that neither an underachiever nor overachiever are, strictly speaking, living a normal life.

Beauty Stems From Within – Getting to Know Yourself From the Inside Out
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Our emotions play a huge role in how we “see” ourselves and if these emotions turn negative and left unattended, they will manifest as “excess weight” somewhere on the physical form. The key is to identify the “where” to help seek out the emotions. Let’s take stock of the outward appearance of the physical “form.”

Assertiveness Explained

Self confidence is a nothing but a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. If you see yourself as skilled, strong and capable you will feel confident while if you believe that you are worthless, helpless or weak then you will never feel confident. One of the skills that can help you feel stronger and in control is assertiveness.

Five Steps to Self Improve Your Current Situation

Have you reached a place or stage in your life where you feel you have come to the end of the line of your own particular downward spiral? Do you feel there is no deeper to sink?

Little Or No Confidence Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

There are times in everybody’s life that we may suffer from little or no confidence. For some it can last for a few hours or days, while for others it can last for years and seem never ending. None of us are infallible and while the super confident seem just that, when life decides to take its course and deal us with a cruel twist of fate, even the most confident among us will feel some pain.

How You Can Improve Self Esteem and Confidence

Learning to be confident in your own skin may seem like an impossible task. If you lived in a home where you were constantly criticized by family and friends you may even question if you need to it. Low self esteem can hurt your path to happiness and better life. These seemingly little things will help you improve your confidence and self esteem…

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How to Feel Confident and Secure in Your Personal Relationships

A large cause of worry in society today is related to the security (or insecurity) people feel in their interpersonal relationships. Learn how to combat this and from healthy, lasting and secure relationships with others.

The Mirror on the Wall

Many of us don’t take the time to appreciate our bodies. Instead, we find more and more things to be critical of. This can adversely affect our self-esteem. In this article, I outline four tips that will make you feel better about the image that you see in the mirror.

The Key to Building Confidence

To have self confidence is having the ability to believe in yourself and not listen to others who can knock your confidence often without you realizing. People with high self confidence are eager, assertive and optimistic, individuals ready to take on the world and conquer their goals.

The Relationship Between Assertiveness and Self Confidence

Assertiveness is the ability to stand up for your rights without being aggressive or passive. People who are not assertive usually let go of their rights and end up feeling bad. Lack of assertiveness doesn’t only result in accumulation of anger but it also degrades self confidence.

The Secret to Self Esteem and Confidence Building

Self esteem and confidence building could be a tricky issue to solve, if it weren’t for one fact: I, nor anyone can instill confidence in another person. This makes my job easier, in that I must work with my client’s experiences, their map of reality, thoughts and feelings. Our minds are all ‘wired’ differently and the reasons why I might lack confidence will be different to yours, for instance.

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