5 Principles to Live by Today to Create a Better Tomorrow

5 Principles to Live by Today to Create a Better Tomorrow

The Vaccine You Must Get!

No, I’m not talking about the infamous and autumnal flu vaccine, even though I have already got an email and text reminder from the doc… I’m talking about a different type of vaccine; this one is made of 100% natural ingredients and has been proven to induce a quick and comforting feeling of contentment, almost like happiness itself. I prescribed it to a client a few weeks ago. He went for it and took it like a man. I’ll tell you what happened…

Do You Disrespect Yourself?

We often point our fingers at other people, complaining that they don’t respect us, or respect our feelings. There is often a reason for this! Life is a mirror and if you are being disrespected by others, the chances are you are disrespecting yourself!

How to Overcome Loneliness and Make New Friends

I’m sure everyone has felt lonely at one time or another and in these times of rapid technological growth the feeling of loneliness appears to be ever increasing. Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person experiences a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social connection.

From Suicidal To Anti Suicidal

In life everyone comes at a stage where one thinks that life has no meaning and they can’t go on with it any more. This is the darkest hour of one’s life and at that point of time there seems no hope coming out of it. It’s the very point when the thought of ending your life, committing suicide comes to your mind. And those who take just a little time to think over it survive.

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Building Self Esteem in Athletes

Self esteem and confidence are two traits that every athlete must possess in order to remain competitive and consistent on the field. Low self esteem and low self-confidence can make an athlete nervous, anxious, and/or depressed about his game. Encouragement, praising performance, and rewarding athletic achievements can boost an athlete’s self esteem and confidence, not only on the field, but also in life.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Why Don’t You Like Yourself at All? Tips for Improving Self-Esteem

People often suffer from low self-esteem because they have unrealistic viewpoints about themselves. They are trying to live up to incredibly unrealistic expectations that are almost impossible to reach, and then feel bad about not being able to do so. The key to having higher self-esteem starts with self-acceptance, focusing on inner beauty, and taking time to help others.

How Losing Weight Helps Your Self Image

“You only feel as good as you look” is a common saying that is indeed quite true. Those who have perfect figures dress to kill and they feel and look good. Those who are obese tend to feel depressed and anxious about their looks.

Victim Mentality – 5 Steps To Healing Your Inner Victim And Raising Your Self Esteem

Do you know the five steps to healing your inner victim? When you heal your inner victim you grow your self esteem. What to do is inside this article.

Self Love: Why Is It So Hard To Accept Ourselves?

I would firstly like to point out that the love I am talking about here is not narcissistic or egotistic. What I am referring to is an acceptance of who we are; our true nature, free from the ideas and perceptions of who we are or should be.

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Creating Change: Are You Living With Integrity?

It seems lately that everywhere I turn I am reading or hearing about the word “integrity.” Perhaps it is a testament to our current economic climate or perhaps due to the fact that we are nearing election times again. When I think about the word integrity, for me, it means that you are honest with yourself and others, and that the words that you speak match your behaviors.

Believe in Yourself – How to Increase Your Self Confidence

Our self belief can be fragile at times. So often it gets dented by even the slightest event. The trouble is that if you’re not careful with this, it can send you into a downward spiral. Here are some easy to follow tips that can help to increase your self confidence and start to create your own personal force field!

How to Conquer Shyness

Whether you’re shy all the time or just at certain times (such as when you’re about to meet someone for a date) then the thought of conquering shyness will doubtless have crossed your mind. But there’s a big difference between thinking you’d like to conquer your shyness and actually doing it. Here are some ideas you can play with to help you conquer your shyness or – at the very least – reduce it to something more manageable.

Self Confidence Can Be Your Best Asset

The most sexy and attractive characteristic about a person is self confidence! Here are a few simple ways to boost yours!

Helpful Methods And Strategies To Stop And Prevent Bullying By Building Confidence and Self Esteem
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This article is going to give you some suitable methods and strategies that can be used to prevent and stop bullying. Bullying is a very important and complex issue that can affect people in many different ways. It can lower a persons self-esteem and confidence which can lead to a variety of life changing problems such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and a whole list of other problems which destroys lives everyday. Bullying is extremely devastating when it occurs at childhood as this is the most important part in a persons life because this is when they are developing the skills like social interaction, problem solving, decision making etc, that they will need to deal with day to day problems. How a person deals with these problems is going determine how successful and happy they will be for the rest of their lives.

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