5 Quick Tips to Accelerate your Learning

5 Quick Tips to Accelerate your Learning

The Magic of Authenticity

Loving who you are, expressing who you are, showing up naturally wherever you are – in other words, simply being yourself – feels good. This place comes from an inner confidence.

Focus Instead on Your Essence!

Wealth is admirable when held with an appropriate and clear perspective thus tons of applause to those blessed with all forms of positive abundance for sure to be sure. However without a deep root system even the tallest building falls down. Within you is a wee acorn dying to grow but most of us never give that lovely acorn an iota of a chance to flourish into a towering oak tree.

No One Owns Me!

It has actually been proven without a shadow of doubt that the thoughts flowing in, through and around the mother while she is with child leave permanent impressions in the psyche of the baby. When a baby is born the happy parents are blessed with the responsibility of giving that wee baby tender loving care in great abundance. As that baby gets older they are encouraged to be enthusiastic about growth not only in body but also in mind.

Three Good Self-Esteem Habits

Many habits help you to grow and keep a high self-esteem. Here are three important self-esteem habits.

Simple Tips to Improve Confidence

Are you looking to improve confidence in your everyday life? These simple tips can help you feel more confident.

Increasing Your Own Self Worth
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Increasing your own self worth is something that never stops and can only make you feel good about yourself in every way. Without having the self worth of yourself is leading a life of unfulfilled promise and a definite lack of self-esteem. It not only as an adverse effect on you, but also on the people that are close to you.

Improve Your Self Esteem by Exercising

Low self-esteem can damage your life, prevent you from reaching your goals, and prevent you from any chance at success or happiness. Fortunately, there is a single method that can help you jump-start your self-esteem improvement program. Exercise!

What the Heck Was That All About

Once upon a time, in my youthful and yearning years, my happy self decided to head to Florida in an old pick-up truck. And having craving for early American history, my truck and I went gallivanting around the state seeking out and learning what ever my brain cells would allow.

Assertiveness Techniques

The real secret to assertiveness techniques is to take a double-sided approach. These techniques are not just about verbal tactics that you can use to answer other people. It is not just about communication techniques, that you apply on the outside. It is also about your own mindset, the things that go on inside of yourself.

Low Self-Esteem

Here is how to protect yourself from low self-esteem. The best way to think of low self-esteem is to imagine it as a poison for your spirit. Your spirit is where you get your energy from – not just your physical energy, but also your emotional and mental energy.

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Should You Focus on Enhancing Your Strengths Or Eliminating Your Weaknesses?

Many people assume that the path to extraordinary performance is to eliminate their weaknesses. The basic assumption is that our strengths will take care of themselves so we should focus on fixing our weaknesses.

How to Be More Confident

We all have lapses in confidence. Sometimes we are in situations that are new to us and we don’t feel very confident because of the unknown. Sometimes we are just not sure of ourselves. No matter what the situation is low confidence is a very uncomfortable place to be.

Overcome Self-Defeating Thoughts With Ease and Achieve Your Dreams

The ability to overcome self-defeating thoughts can be learned. It’s not just for a chosen few who were born with resilience. Retrain your brain and you, too, can achieve your dreams.

How Do You Know If You Have Low Self Esteem?

It might seem like a simplistic question to ask, how do you know if you have low self esteem, and at the same time a pretty obvious one to ask, but there are many hidden depths to a person’s consciousness and inner being that are well hidden. It is not always easy to know if you have low self esteem, if a part of you blocks out the truth and allows you to go on believing all is well.

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