5 Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

5 Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

Get Out of My Way – Please

How do you talk to a person who is doing things that bother you? Can you tell your co-worker to stop chewing that gum loudly without causing a fight?

Focus On Your Mental and Enthusiastic Aspect To Gain Progress

Feelings love to dominate our actions and reactions, even if we don’t want it to happen. The society often see emotions as a sign of weakness, so people have the experience of placing them away and concentrating on the logical features more and more.

How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem by Denis Waitley

Children look up to their parents, teachers, and other responsible adults in their lives. It is up to the adults to set a positive example and to provide their children with direction because in the end, the goal is to make sure that those children grow up to become successful individuals with a positive outlook on life and good morals.

Four Alpha Male Characteristics

There are several definitive characteristics of an Alpha Male that we can talk about. Becoming an alpha male is really just about mastering the characteristics that make someone an alpha male and not being scared to move forward and make changes in your life.

The Psychology of Shyness

Shyness is a very common psychological occurrence. Oddly enough, recent studies are pointing out that our society is slowly but surely getting shyer, despite the fact methods of interacting with others are now more available than ever.

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The Death of Perfection

Perfectionism is the belief that mistakes cannot be made and that the highest standards of performance in all aspects of one’s life must consistently be met. It is a state of mind where there exists an imbalance between one’s standards of success and the ability to achieve success. Worry, fear, guilt and self-doubt usually weave their way into the mind of the perfectionist. The pressure of this self-imposed demand can take a severe toll, mentally and physically.

Loving ME

Your marriage isn’t what you thought it would be? not as romantic as you imagined?. Just look a little deeper, and you will see what is missing.

How to Turn Frustration to Excitement

Frustration has two meanings- one is the feeling of disappointment that you get when you can’t have what you want, and the second is the obstruction of your plan or effort. These two types can be turned into excitement by having the mindset that success lies on the other side of frustration.

What Does Self-Confidence Have To Do With Forgiveness?

When we lack self-confidence we should ask ourselves who we need to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to break free of the shackles that hold us back. We are released from our prisons of the past.

It’s Not What You Have, But Who You Are

Listen to these words of encouragement and upliftment when you are having difficulties managing personal change in these turbulent times. You are bigger than your problems. You are bigger than you think. The best you ever is coming into being.

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Self-Esteem – Part 2

The emotions are a vital part of the human personality. They can be powerful motivators, both for good and for evil. And, depending on the emotions, they make us happy, sad, fearful, or joyous. Positive emotions can bring a feeling of satisfaction and well-being; negative ones tend to cause pain and anguish. Though the first ones can promote mental health, a prolonged exposure to negative emotions may bring about behavioral and relational problems.

How Self Esteem Issues Can Affect Eco Friendly Living

We are in a time of world change and new awareness. Consciousness is shifting and we are returning to basics to save our planet. Many people are shunning the idea of global warming and climate change perhaps because it is too much to take in or comprehend, as they have too many troubles or self esteem issues of their own to accept a problem outside of them selves. How our own negative energies reflect into the planet and how we can change this.

How to Not Be Shy – Tips on Overcoming Shyness

Shyness is a behavioral pattern wherein a person feels uncomfortable and anxious in situations that require personal contacts such as conversations, talking about oneself, making small talk, dating or meeting new people. Generally, it is being quiet and inhibited in social situations and stimulating environment and can lead to behaviors such as stammering, blushing or bashfulness.

How To Acquire Confidence And Self-Esteem

In matters relating to the mind, not everything can be subjected to scientific examination. Self esteem and confidence are about having a belief, a faith in our own ability confidence is a trait that is discovered, developed and then shared with others.

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