5 Signs You’re a Bad Communicator | Brian Tracy

5 Signs You're a Bad Communicator | Brian Tracy

Improving Your Confidence – 8 Powerful Tips To Help You Change Your Life!

Improving your self-confidence can be complicated and involved and while it may be possible to become more confident with a few small changes in your thinking, in many cases, you’re going to have to make larger life changes to achieve greater confidence. Building your confidence is an ongoing process, and each small step is significant.

Developing Self Confidence

How do we go from nought to ten in developing self confidence, is it possible, is it in a book, on a tape or even transferable from a friend. Well we probably will not go from zero to hero in one foul swoop but we can edge up from zero to midway in a relatively short time.

Improving Self Confidence

Congratulations, anyone looking to improve anything deserves some sort of recognition; improving self confidence indicates there is some confidence there in the first place to improve. The reason I state the obvious here, is there are many people held back through having no self confidence at all, so this means you are already ahead of some and looking to improve.

Like A Fine Wine, Instinct Develops With Age

In your twenties, going with your gut instinct had you dirty-dancing with your boss, drunk-dialing your ex and cutting your own fringe. Turns out, like a fine wine, your instincts get better with age. Sometimes it’s easy to act on impulse.

What’s So Great About Being in Your Body?
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We’ve all heard of Eckhart Tolle’s book the “Power of Now” but this practice is an ancient White Tantric practice. Instead of an ascetic tradition of removing ourselves from the physical senses and material world, there is a way to reach states of transcendence through more fully embodying the senses. To start with, we have to be in the body. In this article, “What’s so Great About Being in Your Body” you’ll find the practical benefits of being in the present as well as how pleasure is not only your birthright, it is an essential part of your health and vitality.

Quick Tips for Curing Low Self Esteem

Your self confidence and self esteem come from within yourself, others and from your achievements. Low Self Esteem feeds on negative thoughts and negative comments others may make. This can cause you to lose confidence so it’s important to stop those negative thoughts if you want to build your self esteem.

Respect is Not Slavery

There is a Swahili proverb that says, “Heshima si utumwa” meaning respect is not respect. My father taught me about respect in an uncommon way.

Soaring Self Esteem – You Don’t Have To Let Low Self Esteem Hold You Back

If you suffer from a sense of low self esteem and lack of self worth, it doesn’t have to hold you back Indefinitely. You can develop a positive self image of yourself, in fact, it is essential to living a fulfilling and effective life. Your self confidence can grow and this in turn will attract people to you that will offer positive healthy relationships, sharing mutual encouragement and growth. Also with renewed confidence and a positive self image will aid in gaining a desired new job or hoped for promotion.

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Are You Afraid Of The Critic?

Where does the fear of critic come from? In fact nobody knows what originated this fear, but we know that the human being suffers it in a very widespread way. Perhaps this is a consequence of our daily fight for the status, and either we know that other ones are really worth more than us, or they find something to criticize in us.

Healthy Heart – Healthy Life – Here’s The How-To’s

Do you get caught up in the rush of life? Here are some tips to help you achieve balance – to evaluate and create good habits in your relationships, work, eating, and physical activities.

Self Esteem 101

There is a voice inside us who speaks down to us and is disempowering. Don’t listen!

How To Build Self Confidence Quickly

Yet all the while, deep within us, there is a nagging feeling that reminds us … “I am capable of so much more” … “I am free to choose how I live my life” … “I do have an awful lot to offer” … “I can be happy” … This is a glimpse of the real you, the self-confident you.

4 Keys to Increased Confidence

Are you a confident woman or does your confidence waver at times? Here are four ways banish self-doubt and increase your self-confidence.

Curing Shyness – How to Stop Your Shyness From Holding You Back

Shyness can stop you getting the things you want in life. Here’s help on curing your shyness.

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