5 Step Formula to Solve Any Problem | Brian Tracy

5 Step Formula to Solve Any Problem | Brian Tracy

The Hypnotized Brain – Self Esteem And Negative Thinking

Learn the secret behind success. Improve your self-esteem and create success in your life.

Beautiful Woman, You Can Do It!

Women are constantly consumed with the thoughts of looking beautiful, feeling beautiful and being beautiful. What we fail to realize that all of us are beautiful. God made us all in his image, and that, my sister, is beautiful!

Make Your Dreams Come True As You Build Your Self Esteem

Do you feel you will never make your life dreams actually happen? Sometimes our low self esteem is the barrier preventing you from achieving you dreams in your life.

Who Do You Trust?

Trust is an essential ingredient in any relationship whether at work or at home. How well are you playing the trust game?

Stop Putting Yourself Down – 5 Steps to Positive Inner Dialogue

To be self confident, you are going to have to silence that negative inner voice and see the truth for what it is. You have total control over that voice that criticises you and puts you down, believe it or not, but it does take some work.

Dressing for Self Confidence – Why Appearances Do Matter

It’s nice to think that appearances don’t matter, but the fact is that the way you dress can affect your self-confidence. It’s not the clothes that matter as such, but the way the clothes make you feel. If you dress in a way that makes you feel confident and positive, then you will become confident and positive!

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The Role Played by Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic, that annoying little voice that keeps reminding us of our shortcomings. Who knew, though, that the inner critic can play a positive role?

10 Things That Are Holding You Back

An article based primarily around how confidence and self-esteem issues profoundly affect women in negative ways. The most common habits of those who fall victim fall loosely into these 10 categories. With support and self-love, anyone can develop the strength and ability to pick themselves up from wherever they are at and manifest what once felt impossible.

Have The Confidence to Say ‘No’

If the words ‘Yes, of course’ slip too readily from your lips, and you sometimes feel you have ‘Welcome’ stamped across you forehead, you need to learn to say ‘No’! For many of us , childhood instructions (like asking nicely, playing nicely, sharing nicely) echo down the decades until, as adults, we find ourselves covering for lazy colleagues, giving in to partners to keep the peace, or being taken hostage in our own kitchens by tea swilling neighbors. Being too darn nice is exhausting – and what’s more, it keeps your poor!

Uncovering The Secret To Self-Esteem

Professionals have been studying self-esteem all throughout history. It has been established that this is simply a state of mind. When an individual has high self-esteem, it can produce many positive feelings. Examples of these feelings include happiness, confidence, and even simple cheerfulness.

Self Esteem – Finding the Elusive Secret of Happiness
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How long has it been? How long since you lifted your face to the sky and laughed a big, belly shaking laugh. How long since you spread your arms and felt so elated you wanted to fly? How long since your heart lifted into the heavens with delicious self esteem and overflowing gratitude for life itself?

Self Esteem – Finding Your Ultimate Authority Figure

When Ida was a child, her mother always threatened her with God’s wrath: “God doesn’t love little girls who behave ugly.” When really provoked, she’d say, “God’s going to get you for that.” So she grew up thinking God was a harsh, petty, being who didn’t like people, and especially didn’t like her. That was a big piece of her self esteem. It took Ida years to sort out how her mother had abused the name of God — literally taking it in vain — hiding behind it because she had no authority of her own.

Self Esteem – Why Self Denial Is A Dangerous Virtue

Self-denial and self-restraint are not the same thing. Self restraint is what keeps us from doing unwise things until our better judgment can step in and help us rethink our first reactions. We still need self restraint because our first reactions are not yet fully dependable. Self restraint tends to be found together with healthy self esteem. Self-denial, on the other hand, may be a kind of puritanical approach to living that says fun is bad, beauty is dangerous, and any kind of creature comfort leads to corrupt self-indulgence.

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Self Esteem – Discovering the World’s Most Capable Person

Scientists have told us for years that we use just five to ten percent of our total brain capacity. At that rate, we should all be towering geniuses. Newer studies, meanwhile, indicate we may have far more mental horsepower than earlier figures indicate. Researchers now believe our thinking is done holographically. This means a thought process may be spread over a wide area of the brain, and that dozens of different processes may concurrently be using overlapping areas of our gray matter simultaneously. If your brain truly is a hologram, then there is virtually endless capacity in your head.

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