5 Things Highly Productive People Do Every Sunday That Most Others Don’t

5 Things Highly Productive People Do Every Sunday That Most Others Don’t

5 Tips to Appear Confident When Approaching Women

Being confident when approaching women is crucial. Women can sense lack of confidence in seconds, that’s why we have to be at our best when approaching girl we like. Appearing confident all the time is very challenging, mostly because people do feel social pressure. It takes while to believe that people are too busy with their own lives to think about your flaws. But now is time for simple tips to you guys.

What Holds You Back? The Case For Self Confidence

The role of confidence in a person’s success is essential. Success is hard to achieve if you do not have confidence in yourself. It is understandable that not everyone easily have self-confidence but the good thing about it is that it can be improved…

Flying By The Seat of Your Pants

When you are backed up to the wall and in trouble, what do you do? Say it is all okay? Exclaim that everything is fine and you don’t need any help?

5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

One of the biggest traps people fall headlong into is to make unrealistic demands on how they are going to change everything all at once – sound familiar? Then you usually land up changing nothing and are left bereft of your goals and feeling worse off. But everyone, including you, CAN START SMALL. Think about a 10% improvement in some area of your life; after you have achieved that, you can start on the next aspect. One small chunk at a time.

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How Your Thoughts Sabotage Your Self-Esteem

There is a direct and an indirect way how thoughts and beliefs can harm your self-esteem. While the direct way – executed by the Inner Critic – is not that difficult to spot, the indirect way is more insidious and pollutes your self-esteem behind your back. If you want to overcome low self-esteem, pay attention to the latter one, as it may undermine your efforts in the long run.

Do You Hate Part or All of Your Body?

I read an article a while ago about a few women that had accepted their long struggles with self- acceptance. In the article the women all had one aspect of themselves that they had difficulty with. They were from all races.

The Truth Will Set You Free – Reveal Your Truth

The truth they say will set you free. How often have you avoided saying what is true for you because you’re afraid of the consequences because they looked and felt uncomfortable? You don’t want to be uncomfortable so you refuse to tell your truth or the truth.

Respect – Give Yourself Some

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find out what it means to me. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take care, TCB. This is a just a few words from the song made famous by Aretha Franklin. In order for her to have written this song, she must have had it up to her eyeballs with the lack of respect. We all love the song because of it catchy little melody and because it resonates for most of us.

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How To Help A Friend With Low Self-Esteem Using 3 Simple Tips

When someone you care about becomes too self-deprecating and overly critical of themselves, it’s time to do something about it. Here are 3 simple tips to help a friend with low self-esteem have a healthy self-concept.

Ego – The Second Self

Ego is like the spider’s web which the spider builds himself but ultimately it leads to his own death. Our ego is our own creation and when we come out of the clutches of ego we will realise and mock at the fact that we were the creators of our own misery think with an open mind then there is no looking back.

How to Gain Self Confidence at Work – Tips to Speak Up Against Your Boss

You think that your boss doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t respect your work. You need to build your confidence in order to speak up against your boss. You need to let him or her know that you are a hard worker and that you are willing to do everything to improve your company. In this article, you can read about the effective methods to gain self confidence at work.

Law of Attraction: 4 Barriers to Creating More Happiness

In a recent seminar I asked my audience to identify the biggest barriers that stood between them and having more happiness. They came up with four barriers.

What Are Your Needs In Life?

Needs are a very personal part of our makeup, ranging from a deep desire to be recognized or to be independent. We do not consciously choose our needs, they emancipate from our unconscious deep within us. Once needs surface they are not optional – they need to be satisfied for us to function best. Wants are choices we make on the basis of what we believe is important in our life to function at peak.

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Taking Responsibility Helps Overcome Depression

You must start taking back ownership.Simply, how to deal with depression is to take responsibility. Take responsibility for your thoughts, and for your behavior. You are the one that controls everything 100%, not the other factors. Taking responsibility requites mental toughness. Can you control your thoughts?

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