5 Tips to Instantly Eliminate Writers Block | Brian Tracy

5 Tips to Instantly Eliminate Writers Block | Brian Tracy

Guilt – Mankind’s Dual Nature is to Sin and Then Feel Bad About It

We all struggle with guilt. It is part of who are but we can overcome it by understanding sin’s role in our lives and how to recognize when our sinful nature is at work. Learn what it means to be dead in sin and alive in Christ, and how abundant life and peace are yours for the taking.

Building Self Confidence – Know Your Net Worth!

Self confidence is simply an external manifestation of your perception of self worth. If you have faith in your abilities, it shows. Building self confidence will not only improve your outlook about yourself, you will also feel more positive about the world around you.

The Boy is the Father of the Man

We’ve been living in an upside-down culture where win-lose was the rule, and win-win was sissified. Now the rules are changing, and it’s taking its toll on men.

Beauty is an Inside Job

One of the worst outcomes of poor body image is that it often becomes systemic – taking all of one’s self esteem and day-to-day joy-of-life with it. If only we could say, my big butt is not my best feature, and love the rest of ourselves completely. My big butt is not who I am; for many of us, we will allow thoughts and feelings about a body part to run our lives.

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Low Self Esteem – I Think I Have it But What Can I Do

Low or poor self esteem is a term given to the state of being which can actually be pretty hard to describe, let alone understand. As in the case of ‘depression’ the phrase ‘low self esteem’ is used to describe the underlying cause of a range of observable behaviours. Behaviours such as shyness, anxiety, aggression, eating disorders, low expectations, pleasing others and neglect of one’s own needs.

Develop Your Personal Power

Fear is a paralysing influence. Some people deliberately seek out things to do which involves confronting their fear. Fear is a perfectly ordinary emotion which all of us experience, and it often has a beneficial effect in keeping us safe. It’s a matter of mental attitude. Thoughts are like magnets – positive thoughts attract positive results, and negative thoughts attract negative results. By permitting yourself only positive thoughts, and acting them out in your behaviour, you are actually increasing the likelihood of achieving your desires.

How to Be Hot When Your Not

Have you been dumped a million times? Had your heart Broken? Tired of waiting for Mr Right?

Low Self Esteem Signs

Teen years are crucial – we all know that. We have heard over and over again that your teenage years play a huge role in the person you become, the adult you become. So it is very important to make sure that teenagers get all the chances and all the opportunities they need to build their own personality and become an individual in their own right. However, this is very often easier said that done.

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Kung Fu Panda Teaches Self Confidence

Kung Fu Panda makes some great common sense points about self confidence. Po the Panda, is a martial arts geek. He wants to be a Kung Fu legend, but he is too roly poly and uncoordinated. Then he accidentally becomes anointed as the famous Dragon Warrior. This turn of events helps him learn that warriors believe in, and take responsibility for themselves.

Don’t Give Your Power Away

We’ve been trained to give our power away in exchange for love, attention, approval, safety and so on. Now it’s time to reclaim our power by connecting to our true self and releasing what is not us.

Is Your Self-Esteem in Pain?

You may not realize that the thing that you are doing in your life now that is holding you back has to do with a low self esteem. You may not have given much attention to your low self esteem which is causing you a lot more problems that you thought.

IQ Tests – Are You Really Clever?

Have you ever been into an IQ test? Some time ago I was involved in a test of this kind and as soon as I reached the end I got a score representative of my “intelligence”. It was one of those online tests taking about half an hour of your time, where you surf between anagrams, mathematical series and visual pattern recognition.

Improving Body Image and Self Esteem May Be a Key to Your Success

Your positive self-esteem is your foundation for success and without it you can feel down, depressed, inferior and suffer a lack confidence in many situations. There are many factors, affirmations and lessons to help you on the way to improving self esteem. One major connection that will be discussed here is that of the connection between how an individual sees their body image and how it affects their self esteem.

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The Source of Jealousy and Envy

The source of jealousy and envy derives from childhood. The pattern of comparing one’s self to others, is inevitably a double-edged sword which cuts both ways. Control is another aspect that appears as a parallel theme for this type of individual.

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