5 Ways to Invest in Yourself – The Concept of Compound Interest

5 Ways to Invest in Yourself - The Concept of Compound Interest

Learning To Love Oneself: Realistic Expectations

If you have ever taken on more than ended up being possible, you know how unrealistic expectations can lead to failure. But how can our expectations be realistic unless we are completely honest with ourselves?

Learning To Love Oneself: Choosing To Participate

Part of learning to love oneself has to do with choices. When we choose to participate in our own course of learning to love, we are making one of the most important choices in life.

Learning To Love Oneself: Forgiveness

To forgive ourselves is one of the most difficult tasks there is on this Earth. We have to learn how to do it though, in order to advance.

Law of Attraction and Self-Esteem

So by applying The Law of Attraction to your life is something you can do to enhance your life to make it better and more rewarding. As you will find it is important to have self-respect in your own life to start doing the things you want to do and to increase your own self-confidence.

Learning To Love Oneself: Gratitude

Part of learning to love the self is being grateful. Even the most horrendous day has an end and at that point we can be grateful.

What Improving Your Self-Confidence Can Do For You

When life gives you strawberries, make a smoothie. Huh! Now what does that mean? That means that no matter what is thrown at you, can be overcame if you just believe in yourself. Some people call it a challenge and do whatever it takes in order to succeed in the face of that challenge. Others call it an obstacle and choose not to face it.

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Tony Robbins – Personal Power II – Day 22 – Create Self-Confidence (2 of 2)

Self-confidence brings one a sense of power and certainty in the moment. It seems to produce a certain “knowing” that one has the capacity to handle whatever is being thrown at them.

Learning To Love Oneself: Practice Harmlessness

In order to really love ourselves we need to forgive and correct harmful actions. To achieve harmlessness required conscious awareness and practice. Well worth the effort, practicing harmlessness helps everyone.

Learning To Love Oneself: Introduction – Part II

Continuing the introduction to Learning To Love Oneself, the practice of Forgiveness is addressed. Meeting the Self and looking deep within is vital to learning to love oneself.

Learning To Love Oneself: Introduction Part 1

Too many people have no real love for themselves. They constantly berate and devalue themselves and have no idea how to learn to love themselves. There is a way to get to loving the self; it just takes a little time, effort and know-how.

6 Solutions to Give Your Self and Self Image A Boost For 2011

If this year didn’t live up to your expectations; it’s OK. There’s no need to have a pity party. I’ll provide six solutions you can use in the final days of 2010 to give your self and self image a boost for the new year.

Improving Posture and Poise to Improve Confidence

The first thing everyone should do to improve their confidence is work on their posture and poise. This is the way that you carry yourself, the way that you stand and the way that you walk.

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7 Ways to Be More Sociable and Outgoing

Being sociable and outgoing does not come naturally to all people. There are many individuals who get uncomfortable and find it hard to mingle or interact with other people during social situations and gatherings. Similar to how the insights of Maslow are often used to promote motivation in the workplace, they can also be used to make it easier for an individual to socialize with the people around him.

Confidence – Facing Your Demons

We all have demons that we want to have the courage to face up to. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy to get over these fears, especially those that you have had for a long time. However, there is no reason to lose hope as there are several things that you can do to conquer your fears and start living a happier, more peaceful and more productive life.

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