50 Life Lessons (Part 2)

50 Life Lessons (Part 2)

Build Confidence Naturally and Effectively

The ability to gain confidence is something we all worry about. That is because we know the problems inherent with lacking self-confidence. Look at it this way, would you prefer to be around someone that lacks confidence or someone that is known for possessing a great deal of self confidence?

The Biggest Self-Confidence Crusher

Have you ever wondered what is the single biggest confidence crusher? Surprise, surprise, it is us, human beings. While it is one of our biggest desires to be self-confident, because we believe it will help us to achieve our goals, at the same time, we are our biggest saboteurs. It all starts in our families. Do you remember your mother being so sweet to your neighbors, teachers, and friends, only to turn into an infinitely more critical person when it came to you?

Not Sure How to Get Self Confidence? 3 Refreshing Tips

Not sure how to get self confidence? The self confidence that you know you are capable of but no matter what you do it always seems to evade you? Don’t worry, this is something a lot of people encounter in their quest for self confidence and self esteem, but tragically it is also why a lot of people stop looking as they lose hope too soon.

Five Self-Esteem Tips That Will Change Your Life

Your self-image, or how you see yourself, is very important to your success and happiness in life. A good self-image says, “I am okay”, “I like myself”, and “yes I can”. A poor self- image says, “I do not like myself”, “I am a loser”, and “no I can’t”. Self image makes the difference between success and happiness in life. Here are five tips that will help give you high self-esteem.

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Confidence Help – Advice to Fix Your Confidence That Actually Works!

If you need help with your confidence, then you’re reading the right article! Confidence is something many people lack and therefore desire, but I’ve found that really no one knows how to get it! Many of the people you may see who appear to have confidence deep down have nothing.

Gain Confidence – Keep Promises to Yourself

Confidence means believing in yourself and your abilities. If you make promises to yourself and don’t keep them, then you undermine your self-confidence. Even small things like saying you’ll wake up early tomorrow and then sleeping in, make you lose faith in yourself.

A Rhyme to Help You Boost Your Confidence and Be Happy

Here is rhyme that will be well worth your time. It will help you see how you might want to be. Build confidence in you and life will be pleasant all through.

10 Habits of People With High Self-Esteem

There are at least 10 habits that all people with high self-esteem have in common. By adopting these habits you will also raise your self-esteem.

How Do You React to Negative Feedback?

Many people react to negative feedback by becoming very defensive. Others become very vulnerable and start to doubt themselves in many areas that extend beyond the specific topic of the feedback they received. There are two main reasons: they either have a bad day themselves or they believe in your potential to become better. If the first is the case, then there is no point in bothering.

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Find Your Strengths

It can be difficult to raise your self-esteem if you cannot think of anything that you are good at. This article asks you some questions to help you find your strengths.

Brainwash Yourself to Higher Self-Esteem

Switching from low to high self-esteem is nothing that you do overnight. Moving towards a higher self-esteem is very much about exchanging the thoughts that fill your head with new ones. This article presents several of brainwashing techniques that you can use to brainwash yourself to a higher self-esteem.

Do I Walk the Talk? (Or Does the Self-Esteem Coach Really Do Self-Esteem Exercises?)

If you have read my book “The Self-Esteem Toolbox” or read many of my articles, you will have seen the vast number of self-esteem raising tools that I throw out at people. You might start to wonder if I actually use these tools myself on a daily basis.

Self Esteem Activities For Girls – 3 Self Esteem Boosting Ideas

Self esteem can be a confusing thing for many people, and in my experience it is usually women and girls who have the most problems with it so ladies, this article is for you! Whilst self esteem activities for girls may conjure up ideas of getting makeovers and new hair-do’s I’m going to try and steer away from that sort of thing as I’ve found that this is not really self esteem building, but a very shallow way that gives you fake confidence and is no real help in the end.

Can a Self Esteem Course Really Fix Your Self Esteem? – Some Truthful Advice
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Can a self esteem course really help with your self esteem? The honest truth is that in most cases it will not. The problem with these courses is that their underlying principles do not cover what you need to know to improve yourself esteem, and achieve the confidence and happiness that you want in life.

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