50 Life Lessons

50 Life Lessons

How to Take New Confidence Into 2010

A confident attitude is more important now than it has ever been. Those wishing to achieve in 2010 wil have to display maximum self-confidence and belief if they are to make a mark. Although you may have tried consciously to increase your confidence hypnosis can make it easy for you.

Tips on Confidence – How to Improve Your Confidence With Two Small Beliefs

Have you ever had a moment where you felt paralyzed to do anything? I mean it feels like everybody is staring at you, or you would rather just not do anything until the day is over.

Quantum Physics and Its Connection to Our Self Esteem – Part 3

From the previous articles we learned that ‘everything that can exist, already does’. It is only a matter of creating the situation where it can be observed for it to become a reality in our experience. Us having what we want or being who we want to be, is the same.

Quantum Physics and Its Connection to Our Self Esteem – Part 2

It is said that everything that can exist, already does and that it is by our observation of it (through thought) that creates it in our experience. To give you an example take Thomas Edison who conducted thousands of experiments to invent the light globe. Using the law of attraction and by focusing on the end result he wanted Edison knew all he had to do was persevere and he would eventually find the right formula and he would invent the light globe.

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Quantum Physics and Its Connection to Our Self Esteem – Part 1

No matter what your beliefs are the fact is the universe has secrets that cannot be explained and behaves in a way that is far from haphazard. It was Albert Einstein who said “All this could not happen at random” and science is now moving more and more towards the conclusion that the universe acts with intelligence and that there is a source to the energy that forms it.

Complete Absence of Doubt

I wonder how many of you can honestly say that you live your life with a complete absence of doubt. Can you actually imagine what it would be like? There would be no little voice inside your head screaming at you in its shrill little voice, “You’ll be sorry!” Your self-sabotage voice would get permanent laryngitis and be unable to natter at you about anything.

3 Major Reasons For Maintaining Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the value that you are identified with. Its a kind of manifestation of the image you visualize in the mirror of your concept of self-understanding. It boosts your self-confidence, your momentum on the track of achieving your goals. It justifies you value to others for what they expect in return. Magnify your worth through your self-esteem.

A Total Stranger Calls You a Jackass – Now What?

You’re sitting in your car waiting for the light to turn green during the peak of evening rush hour when someone just rear ends you. Upset and frustrated because you need to deal with this situation you then step outside the car. Thinking you have the upper hand, you begin to address the situation with the driver. To your surprise the driver hastily moves towards you spouting all types of vulgarity. It’s seems you have been challenged which could damage your self-esteem.

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How to Create Positive Self Image

Everyone who has seen an image of an anorexic girl looking into a mirror with a chubby girl staring back at her knows exactly what a distorted self-image is. But how many times does the image you perceive not accurately reflect the real you?

Guide to Overcoming Shyness

When you are interacting with others, struggling with overcoming shyness will affect a lot in your social life. You may have already felt these effects on many levels. Shyness weakens your personal strength and causes you to miss out on many opportunities, such as passing up dates with attractive people, missing out on getting a better job, and not being able to defend yourself against verbal attacks. This can lead to a lower confidence level. But there are ways of overcoming shyness.

Self Esteem Tips – 6 Steps to Build Great Confidence

These tips on self esteem are great for building your self confidence. The important part to making it work is by applying them everyday.

Self Esteem Tips – 5 Ways to Really Boost Your Confidence For Success

Too Many times people miss out on really good stuff in life. Every thing from going out on a date to getting that job. To making new friends to living a happy successful life. All because of the fact that they lack confidence in themselves.

Develop Self Confidence – 5 Easy Steps

How different would your life be if you knew without a single doubt that you are going to achieve any goal you set? Developing this unshakable self confidence is exactly what your going to learn in a few easy steps…

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How to Heal Low Self-Esteem

Is low self-esteem something you struggle with on a regular basis? Is it a problem you’re aware of but can’t seem to resolve? Low self-esteem affects every area of our lives: it leads to unhealthy relationship choices, holds us back professionally and prevents us from creating the lives we really want. This article offers suggestions for healing low self-esteem.

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