6 Habits of Insanely Productive People

6 Habits of Insanely Productive People

Confidence Tips For Shy People

Shyness. We all have it – it’s whether or not we stop ourselves from showing it is key. Sometimes, it can affect our mentality, our thoughts and our confidence. When it affects our confidence, it pretty much will affect our whole life. So, what can you do to build up your confidence and cover your shyness? In this article, I’d like to share ways I’ve found quite helpful to me personally, in building my confidence – or maybe, faking it.

How to Be a Winner and Stop Losing to Life

What separates those who succeed from those that fail? Nothing, except your own fears and your insecurity. Like it or not, the opinion that others have of us count.

Modeling Can Be Dangerous for Your Health!

So you want to model! Models have to be more than just pretty. Not having to rely just on your looks is how you survive this industry.

The Hope of Possibility

I love the word possibility. It echoes hope for tomorrow, expectation of faith and self, imagination and energy all at one time. Possibility. What is your possibility? What do you dream of? Are you thinking about those dreams, investing in their reality, planning for their fruition in your life? Are you willing to dream the big dream, to take it all in? What about the unexpected, the knowledge that you may in faith have to step out in a big way that people don’t understand? I love the word possibility…and all that comes with it. It’s the wind in your face, under your wings, the air that lifts your imagination to be all that you can. It leaves the past behind, your childhood, your fears, your failures…and it gives your heart room to expand into the universe.

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Self-Esteem and a Healthy Path to Wealth

Money alone, even with the opportunity it provides to wrap myself in lace and pearls, will never allow my self-esteem to flourish. I will remain small inside if that is what I was before I got dolled up in cash. The healthy path to wealth requires a healthy self-esteem.

Dump That So-Called Friend

I have this girlfriend who spends quite a bit of our time together being critical. If I share something cool that I’ve done or am getting ready to do, she’ll remind me that I’m probably not as successful as I think. That always gives me pause. Which is probably good for me, right? She’s usually willing, when I ask, to tell me the ways I haven’t met my goals and high standards (which she shares, too), despite my efforts. She can be relentless in her pursuit of perfection. And I find myself buying right into it, even though it usually feels kinda yucky.

How to Build Up Your Self-Confidence

Have you ever had a bright idea? A spark in your head and then felt this overwhelming burst of energy inside? That feeling that leaves you saying, “Against all odds, I Can succeed.”

How To Get Over Shyness – The One Mistake Most Shy People Make

Most shy people don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting over their shyness. In this article I’ll show you one crucial step — not allowing your emotions to control your actions.

Building Your Confidence In Three Easy Steps

Self confidence is one of the things that hampers many people in life. It can prevent us from being our best selves and living the life we truly want to live. However, confidence can be learnt and built. One of the ways to do this is to recognise where you have gaps in your knowledge and work out how to fill them. There is a simple three-step process involved in building your confidence through expanding your knowledge.

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The Opinions of Others Do Not Make Your Self-Worth

We all worry sometimes how others perceive us or if we said the right thing. However, for a minority of people, this is a constant pre-occupation. It really can rule your life. When you are hypersensitive to how other people treat you, or maybe even how you perceive they think of you, then it is a problem to be addressed.

Overcome Shyness – Two Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Nervousness

Many people have great difficulty overcoming shyness due to feelings of nervousness. This article will show you how to lower your nervousness in conversations and through relaxation.

The Beauty of the Underbelly

Do you have a difficult time accepting all aspects of who you are? Read on and learn why it is essential for you to radically love and embrace yourself.

2 Simple Tips When It Comes to Confidence

Confidence – seems so hard to get but so easily portrayed. Without it, we’re considered as nothing. So, what to do you’re when you’re desperate to develop your self-esteem and turn your life around?

Appearing Confident Even If You Don’t Feel That Way

One thing I love about confidence is the fact that we can fake it. Believe it or not, we don’t have to be confident to appear confident – all we need to know is the art of acting confident.

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