6 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job | Brian Tracy

6 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job | Brian Tracy

How to Develop Your Self-Confidence

Confidence in oneself eliminates whatever fear one might have. The possibility of victory or defeat rests solely upon a person’s own ability.

The Truth About Self Esteem

The truth is, self esteem is a mental fabrication. It has no objective existence of its own like might a part of the body or something in the natural environment. We can all agree on a person’s height, weight or even how fast he or she can walk a mile. But, there is no way to measure self esteem that is objective or standardized. That’s actually a good thing because it means any person can make self esteem to be what they choose. But, therein lies the problem as well.

Six Pillar Of Self Esteem – Can You Recognise Self Esteem?

How would you recognise self esteem in someone else? What does self esteem look like? Understanding how self esteem manifests itself in your behaviours can help you to evaluate your own self esteem and work out where you might need to improve.

Your Income and Your Health – Is There a Connection?

Many people still have no idea that our income level affects our health. By checking out how much money you have, you will learn how healthy you are going to be. While this sound ridiculous, but not anymore if you look at the big picture. Health and wealth are connected in many more ways than you might think.

Repackage Your Self – Being Confident Does Not Mean You Have To Be Offensive
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Repackage your self. Have a new hairstyle or hair color. You may also want to join fitness program. Maybe you need a change of career, make new friends, and even list your good traits. This will rev up your positive feeling about yourself. Knowing about what you really want helps you get an edge over others. Knowing how to get what you desire is also another weapon in your arsenal.

Successful Self Confidence Building With Hypnotherapy

If you feel like you could not handle your problem yourself, then you could also opt for hypnotherapy. Hypnosis will help in easing out the blocks on your subconscious that is preventing you from gaining confidence.

“Working” Toward Your Life Goals

All too often, therapists hear their clients refer to work as a “burdensome commitment” that they dread, an “obstacle” in the way of their enjoying themselves more fully, or a necessary evil that they must tolerate.

Beware the Guru Asking You to Surrender Your Ego

Often weak people will make a statement that ego is bad. Ego is not bad at all; these statements are a complete fallacy. Un-earned Ego if it is totally out of control can be a serious problem of course, but generally when someone starts complaining to you about your ego; it is really a statement that they lack any ego or self-esteem.

Neutralize Those Annoying Put-Downs Given to You by Rude People

It can be really aggravating when someone else puts you down or acts superior to you. Here are some tips on how to handle rude people and their insecure attempts to dig at you.

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Six Pillars Of Self Esteem – Do You Know How Worthy You Are?

Self esteem is one of the key requisites for personal growth. Without it you will not be able to function effectively as a person or form high quality relationships with other people. Yet so often we mistake self esteem for “having a high opinion of ourselves”. There is not limit to how much genuine self esteem you can have once you are clear about what you mean by self esteem.

The Secrets To Gaining Supreme Personal Confidence

This article describes what you need to know if you wish to acquire supreme self confidence..

Building Confidence – Prepare For Success

Give yourself a pat on the back every time you succeed in one of the goals you have set for yourself. By congratulating yourself, you learn about personal limitations and expectations.

Children Who Are Different

A body image that appears to be non-conforming can be a significant compressor of a child’s self image. Anything that differs from society’s “norm” such as being too short, too tall, too light, too dark, too little, too big, can be devastating emotionally. This is most damaging during the teen years. Appearances matter too much to children due to peer pressure and superficial values.

Old Before Your Time?

I read an interesting statistic today on a blog I was reading. There are 40 000 people in the USA today that are 100+ years old. It is anticipated that by 2050 there will be 1 million aged 100 or over. That is a fair number of people. Of course the forty thousand are also part of the 80 million people aged 50+ living in the USA currently.

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