6 Tips to Reduce COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety

6 Tips to Reduce COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety

Personality Development and Boosting Self-Esteem

Personality development is the sum total of oneself. Once developed at its maximum potential, self-esteem will be boosted.

4 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an attractive quality. It can help you to improve your personal life. It can help you to improve your professional life and generally help you to feel better about yourself. Building self-confidence is a process. Very few people are truly as confident as they seem so part of building self-confidence is learning to appear confident even when you may be dealing with some doubt. There are many ways to build your self-confidence and I’ll explain four of them.

Discover the 3 Mistakes That Stop You From Looking Incredible

Look good and feel good by avoiding these common mistakes in personal grooming. Get the most out of your beauty consultation and empower your future.

7 Strategies To Boost Your Confidence

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Self-confident people inspire confidence in others, and gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. Consider these 7 strategies to boost your confidence.

The Amazingly Calming Effects of Uncomfortable High Heels

Do you want to LOOK good or FEEL good? Yes, I know, almost 99.9 and a half percent of the female population on the planet want BOTH!

Advice For Virgins On Meeting Women
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Advice For Virgins – It’s a block that men come across. How can I be confident around a woman when I’ve never been with one? Whether you’re a 40-year old virgin or a 19 year old that wants to feel real intimacy, there are ways to circumvent your fear.

Facing the Enemies Within and Conquering Your Fear

When utilized properly, fear can keep us alive, alerting us to dangerous situations and risky behaviours. Truth be told, fear is actually a survival mechanism-those who have no fear aren’t aware that touching that poisonous spider will kill them. But fear can also be crippling as well, hindering your every thought from turning into a positive action, creating a sinkhole for your soul. When your fear takes over and stops being helpful, it turns into your own worst enemy, one that you must conquer from within.

Discover Your Value

How much do you think you and your life are worth? How valuable do you think you are? These are some pretty challenging and provocative questions.

Confidence: How To Get The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

Did you know life is nothing but perspective? Confidence can be learned and self-esteem improved. Here are some ways to turn your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

How Perfect Do You Believe You Have to Be?

Did anyone ever tell you, “If you’re not going to or can’t do it right, don’t do it at all”? That “advice” can be appropriate at times, but the rest of the time, it sets you up for self-sabotage and lack, actual or perceived.

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What It Means To Be Truly Self – CONFIDENT?

How often have you heard someone tell you how important it is to proceed with a truly positive attitude, and to believe in oneself in a significant manner? One can never pursue or achieve anywhere near his optimal potential until, and unless, he focuses on his inner self. While that may sound somewhat obvious, we rarely observe individuals who proceed in a focused, meaningful manner, that maximizes their abilities to do better and achieve more significantly.

Men’s Fashion – Helping the Terrible Dresser

So you sent out tons of resume and a company you would like to work for, responded with “we would like for you to come in for an interview!.” How do you make yourself presentable for the occasion?

What’s at Your Core?

What we believe at our core affects how we perceive interactions with people and situations in life. Sometimes we are operating from the basis of a lie that has developed in significant life experiences, from childhood on up. This article describes how learning and believing the truth about ourselves and situations improves our quality of life.

Your Decision – Good Enough Or GREAT?

Most of us, at many different points in our existence, end up having to make the very personal decision whether to end up settling for doing the easier or comfortable route, rather than taking the often more challenging route or path, which is to pursue greatness, in every action and mannerism of our being. The more comfortable approach, for many, is to take that path of least resistance, because it affords us what we perceive as less risk, and thus permits us to hide within our self – limiting comfort zone. Therefore, we must face the facts that it always…

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