7 Crucial Lessons People Often Learn Too Late in Life

7 Crucial Lessons People Often Learn Too Late in Life

Is Self Esteem Illusory?

Well, it would certainly seem that way to you if you think it is low, or even worse completely missing. One of the big tests of how you rate your self esteem is the picture you carry round in your head – the one that tells you you’ve got poor self image. Those feelings can be so destructive that they need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Here are a few insights to get your thought processes going…

From Loser to Winner – 3 Facets of Self Development

This article is written for the countless millions who are struggling with inner conflicts caused by low self esteem. Many wonder if there is a secret formula or perhaps a personality transplant that will bring instant happiness. They are secretly struggling with self doubt and self pity because they feel that they are worthless. They lack the “IT” factor. Society has ingrained in our collective psyche that we must be winner, a shining star, someone to be envied.

Why Chasing Acceptance and Approval Can Lead to a Life of Misery

“Some people spend their lives chasing acceptance and approval but all they find is misery.” Does that sound familiar? Have you done a little too much chasing over the years?

How To Radiate Confidence – Even On A Bad Hair Day

When you don’t look or feel your best, it can have a negative impact upon your confidence. Use these quick fix tips to combat those confidence killing moments!

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Self Confidence and Dimmer Switches

Do you find that your self confidence fluctuates… A bit like somebody somewhere has thrown a switch and you never even realized it… something like having your very own in built dimmer switch being turned up and down by some anonymous power? And then you’re left feeling pretty low?

Find Out How to Be Tall

Many people want to get tall but can not figure out how. They try everything but it does not work.

5 Tips For Reclaiming Your Self Esteem

I know we’ve touched on and skirted some of these ideas, but now’s the time to bring everything out in the open and have a look at it, so that we may formulate some sort of plan, if you will, some method to bring your relationship close together again. It was once, wasn’t it? It can be again.

Confidence: Keep Busy But Don’t Get Overwhelmed

If you are the type of person who truly loves life you will no doubt have an action-packed schedule: People to see, so many things to do. If you want to function at your confident best then you need to balance your busy time with your rest time. If you are constantly on the go you will start to get out of balance, which will see your inner confidence eventually topple over.

Why Women Have Trouble With Self Confidence

Recent studies have shown that women actually learn how to acquire low self confidence. These studies have also revealed that girls- especially the intelligent ones- usually have this problem with low self esteem.

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Improving Your Confidence: Get Ready For Action

When are you going to get started on improving your confidence? Are you waiting for the perfect moment or perhaps the perfect set of circumstances. Well there is not time like the present to take action on your confidence levels. Confidence starts here and now and not next Monday after the excesses of the weekend.

Improving Your Confidence By Picturing The Life You Would Like To Lead

Confidence is pretty much all about perception. There are not very many people who are totally confident in every area of their lives. Those that do appear like they are most probably are good actors – with themselves as the audience.

How To Look Ten Years Younger

Unless you are still in the throes of youth it is highly likely that you would not object to looking younger. In our culture a youthful appearance is highly valued. More men than ever are having cosmetic surgery and enhancement, and from an earlier age, and grooming and anti ageing products are flying off the shelves in unprecedented volumes. No longer is it attractive to have a lived in face which used to represent wisdom with age. Nowadays wrinkles and grey hair are seen as indications of being lazy to care for your appearance.

How Worrying About What People Think of You Affects Your Self-Esteem

Worrying about what people think about you can become a full-time occupation. If you do this behavior you’ll probably find that you waste a lot of time being afraid or scared of what could happen. It’s human nature to want to be thought well of by people, but the truth is that not everyone all of the time is going to. This behaviour seriously affects your self-esteem but it can be changed…

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Your Self-Esteem Is a Prerequisite for Your Success

The majority of people truly want to be successful in life. They are even prepared to work hard, study, network, and socialize; whatever it takes to become successful. But at the core of all success, and how easy or difficult it is to achieve, is what we think of ourselves.

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