7 Habits I Avoid to Become Highly Productive

7 Habits I Avoid to Become Highly Productive

Your Confidence Misses You!

Have you ever had a challenge in your life that affected your self confidence? It’s time for you to get your confidence back.

5 Tips For How to Stop Feeling Stupid

It’s OK to feel stupid every now and then – you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. It’s when your natural state seems to be one of feeling stupid that it’s time to do something about. Check out these tips to see how you can tip the balance back in your favor.

Why Are Humans So Insecure – That’s What Happens in a Giant Ant Farm

Not long ago, I was talking to a specialist and beauty consultant who works in a near Palm Springs. She specializes in giving people facials, and works with others who specialize in body wraps, massage, and hair styling. She noted to me that there were so many people who are insecure with their looks, their body shape, or some other features of their physique – both male and female.

Can You Avoid Your Quarter Life Crisis – Sure You Can, Here Are Some Tips

The other day, I was at Starbucks, and one of the employees there noted that they were going through a quarter life crisis. I thought that was really funny because they were merely in their 20s, and it made me laugh. Nevertheless, he did present some of the dilemmas in his life, such as what is he going to do when he grows up?

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Self Esteem and Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic. It is that negative voice inside your head that blocks you from being the best you can be. Self esteem and our inner critic are related. People with low self esteem usually have a more powerful inner critic. Nurturing yourself and practising self care improves self esteem. Positive self talk is the key to happiness and success in all your creative endeavours.

Self-Acceptance Does Not Mean You Have To Settle For Less

Having Self-Acceptance is very important. Being able to accept who you are allows you to live a life that is not influenced by the judgement of others. However, Self-Acceptance does not mean you can’t improve different areas of your life and become a better person. Self-Acceptance does not mean you should accept your flaws and learn to live with them. Self-acceptance should be your starting point to improve yourself and become the person you want to be.

A Woman’s Face in the Mirror

For years, low self-esteem, meager self-worth, and poor body image have long been key factors that have kept women walking on their knees. For years, we as women have been our own worst enemy. We criticize, chastise, and demean ourselves to the very core of our being while we stare at ourselves in the mirror. We allow not only others, but ourselves to lower our standards of self-value. Regardless of what society, television, or magazines are doing, we have the ultimate opinion of how we will live. The challenge is to convince ourselves that we are enough every time we look at our face in the mirror.

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Causes of Low Self-Esteem

What does self-esteem really mean? In simple terms, self-esteem is a characteristic of the way we look at ourselves. It is not the same with self-image because self-image is just a simple description of what you are; it does not give any reference to being good or bad.

Transcending Arrogance and Insensitivity

Understanding arrogance and insensitivity allows us to stop fearing, judging, and hating these. This, in turn, can help us break out of the vicious cycle of violence and transcend them.

The Danger of Focusing on Physical Appearance

Sometimes we spend so much time developing our physical abilities and working on our outward appearance that we fail to work on the more private parts of our lives. Our bodies will wear out in time, but those inner qualities will be with us for a lifetime. Therefore, we need to invest time in making sure we are a good person on the inside. If we focus on that, then in time, we will accomplish great things.

The Round Peg in a Square Hole

The challenge of defining oneself through limited categories when one tries to belong to a network. The claim to be a lot more than one can suggest in using drop down menus to do so.

What Is Self Confidence and How Is It Affecting Your Life?

Self confidence is all about how you perceive yourself. It indicates your sense of worth. But the question is how can low self confidence affect someone’s life? This article explains the fundamental truths on self confidence.

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Self Esteem and Self Confidence: What Do They Have in Common?

This article looks at both self esteem and self confidence, explaining what they have in common and also how they differ. Often the two are used interchangeably in error. The article also includes some practical tips on improving them both.

Face What’s Not Working In Your Life and Leave Denial in the Past

Facing your problems is rough, but they don’t go away when you ignore them. The only way to get rid of your problems is to accept that they exist and confront them.

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