7 Important Habits That Will Boost Your Intelligence

7 Important Habits That Will Boost Your Intelligence

Get Confidence Through Sports

When you do any kind of sport you will get confidence for sure. Not because you might win a competition or a game but for the benefits you will get just because you do sport.

How to See the Good in Other People

There are many people in this world. How do you see the good more than the bad? Well this post will show how to do just that. In these times we need more optimistic views on life and the people around us. I’ll show you how to do this.

Building Self Esteem in Children – A Parent’s Reactions Are Key

As a parent, there are so many factors involved in raising a happy, healthy, well adjusted child. From making sure they eat healthy, to making sure they get the best education possible, to ensuring that their emotional needs are met, sometimes it can be easy to forget that sometimes, the small, everyday moments are the ones that make the greatest impact on children.

Building Self Esteem in Children Takes Deliberate Actions

Children are amazing. They have amazing capabilities. They love as though life depends on it, they laugh like no one is watching, they are mischievous, and affectionate all rolled into a bundle of joy. They can turn our worlds upside down, but we, in turn, can turn their worlds upside down, and not always for the better.

High Self Esteem Carries You Through the Down Times – Techniques to Raise Your Self Esteem
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Self esteem defines the way you feel about yourself – who you are and how you are in life. Your opinion of you shows up in your demeanor, your posture, your voice tonality and volume, your wardrobe…

Self Image, Mindsets and Weight Management

When it comes to weight problems, there is a lot of good information and many good strategies out there to help. But these are mostly diet plans and many of those don’t address the underlying dynamics of the processes of beliefs, mindsets, perceptions, self image and the impact of the thoughts produced by our mind. Yet these are the foundations of our behavior, the fundamental source of all of our thoughts, feelings and actions, which in turn, determine what we experience in our lives including problematic situations such as weight management, or for that matter, any behavioral difficulties.

Boost Your Self Confidence – Quick Tips

If you think self-confidence can be achieved through some sort of hypnotism by the practiced person than you are absolutely wrong. Actually that old approach is neither helpful nor effective.

What Are You Good At?

Here are some questions to ask yourself. What is it I am good at? When am I at my happiest? Does my life reflect these things or have they got lost along the way?

The Identity Theft of Unemployment

A job title hijacks your identity and leaves you with a sense of loss when you no longer have the title. This is one of the least talked about aftermaths of unemployment. When you unmask the situation, the solution becomes self evident.

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How to Get Over Being Shy

Being shy can be crippling sometimes. You are too nervous to go to a party, go to a bar, get to know people at your office, and the list goes on. This shyness usually goes away as people get older and have more life experience.

Personal Development Dreams and Realities

One day following a personal Development Class, I wanted to speak to Soke Draconis, but the Soke wasn’t there yet, he was busy at an individual Development convention at the local college for students who were about to graduate and enter real life of work. Sensei Greg let me into Soke’s office and I took a seat across from Soke’s desk.

Get Confidence Through Your Focus and Dialogue

Confidence can be a lot of different things for different people. Some people feel confident at the moment and some about the future while others lack or miss confidence most of the time. You might think that you are supposed to feel confident most of the time but that’s not true.

If You Suffer From Low Self Esteem We Will Show You How to Build Confidence

A person’s self confidence is their ability to believe in themselves. People with a high self confidence are optimistic, assertive, and eager individuals ready to take on the world and conquer the goals.

How to Be Free of Limiting Beliefs Once and For All

Do you long to feel confident, whole, and free? It is absolutely possible by shedding your limiting beliefs once and for all. This article will show you how, step by step.

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