7 Psychological Superpowers Few People Have (That You Can Use to Set Yourself Apart)

7 Psychological Superpowers Few People Have (That You Can Use to Set Yourself Apart)

Why Some People Are So Confident

It may seem that some people are just born with confidence, but what about the rest of us? Read this.

Self Esteem Exercises: Boost Your Self Esteem With Simple Tips

Women all suffer from low points in their self-esteem and confidence. Whether it’s caused by a tragic accident, a divorce or a sudden shift in ideal appearance, you can stop that downward spiral and boost your confidence with these self-esteem exercises.

Low Self Esteem And Children: It’s Not That Big A Problem Is It?

So you’ve been told your child has low self esteem. It’s really not that big a deal is it? Before you dismiss low self esteem in children as a minor issue, read this article to see the consequences that can develop from having low self esteem as a child. The least of the problems can be poor interpersonal relationships; the worst of the problems can be the child taking their own life.

Self Esteem: The Pain Felt By Children With Low Self Esteem

Discover some of the reasons children may be suffering low self esteem and what it feels like for the child in question. This article will provide you with the motivation to take active steps to help children you suspect of having poor self esteem.

A Secret to Having Great Self-Confidence and a Superb Attitude

Have you ever felt a lack of self-confidence? Do things ever get you down? Do you ever feel defeated? I’ll share a secret with you that will help you develop great self-confidence and a wonderful attitude.

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6 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Self Esteem

Self confidence is the foundation for success. Everything you are and everything you do depends on your self esteem. Your sense of worth forms the basis of your inner stability, your outer personality; and fuels your performances.

Fending Off Negative Emotions

We are still labeling our emotions as positive or negative. Positive ones like happy, joy, peace and calm are ones we want to keep. Negative emotions like anger, sadness and fear are ones we want to fend off. What if emotions were not positive or negative but a feedback system designed to help us determine what is safe or not safe?

Building Your Self Esteem

Do you feel good about yourself? A therapist writes about self esteem and how to enhance it.

So You Think You’re A Loser – You Got That Right – Here’s Why

Are you feeling low? Like you’re a real loser, nobody likes you, you can’t do anything right, you can’t keep or even find a relationship and nothing ever goes your way. I’ve been there, I know what it feels like and I also know that’s it a load of BS. Quite a contradiction to the headline. Well, sort of. There are three things you need to know, which I’m going to discuss in this article. The self fulfilling prophecy, RAS and perception.

How Approval Seeking Increases Your Worry

Do you seek approval constantly? Do you depend on others for your self esteem? How approval seeking increases your worry and anxiety? People especially children, teens, and young adults seek approval constantly and many worry that they won’t get it. People want to be liked and they want to fit in with their group.

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Can a School Address Cyberbullying?

Schools like The Smith School are providing safe havens for students driven out of other Manhattan prep schools. The majority of these schools do not follow through with (or are incapable of enforcing) their anti-bullying policies.

Would I Lie to Me?

Annie Lennox sang, “Would I lie to you?” But I’m asking, “Would you lie to yourself?” Many people will respond quickly, saying, “that’s silly”, but I’ve met people who consistently lie to themselves, deceiving themselves with false notions of who they are. Why would anyone do this? Well, I think it’s a coping technique, to help them deal with the huge gap they perceive between who they want to be and who they really are.

The Effects of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a psychological condition that influences all sides of a person’s life: their career, relationships, health, sex life and social life. The vast majority of its consequences are ugly.

Self Esteem For Teenagers

Replacing low self esteem with a positive self esteem is extremely important for teens. Self esteem has everything to do with how you view or value yourself. It’s the acceptance, respect, trust and faith in you.

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