7 Reasons Why Smart, Hardworking People Don’t Become Successful

7 Reasons Why Smart, Hardworking People Don't Become Successful

How to Conquer Fear of Driving

The way to conquer the fear of driving has been revealed inside the content of this article. It talks about easy steps which you can apply to conquer your driving phobia. There are natural methods which do not require the use of any form of drugs.

The Brain – What Is It Trying to Do?

We are conscious of very little of what our brain actually does during the day. This article explores what it is trying to do, and how this can sometimes cause us problems.

The Poverty of Loneliness

Are you lonely? Does the way we live make more of us end up alone than former generations? How can we begin to address this loneliness and live life more fully?

How Confidence Can Develop a Strong Mind and Affect Everything

Confidence is the key to everything you do. Like it or not, if you suffer from low self-esteem or confidence, chances are you will only count on luck to achieve what you set out to achieve. A confident person whether a sportsman, businessman, student etc, will prepare for a game, a deal, or an exam with confidence and as a will often achieve their goals.

Unstoppable Confidence

Do you have confidence, unstoppable confidence even? Find out what you can do if you do?

Building Your Character Through Self Esteem

Before people start to consider how self worth plays a key role in the development of character, many have forgotten that building character through self esteem is indeed one of the most important aspects of personality development. As much as many people would hate to admit it, a more stronger foundation can be established with how a person builds character, especially when self worth is a primary factor in shaping and molding the values and virtues of a successful individual.

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7 Self-Esteem Quotes

It is important that you build a healthy sense of self-esteem in life – and you should do whatever is necessary to get there. One of the best ways to improve your self-esteem is by learning from people who do have a healthy self-esteem, people who have seen a lot during their lifetime and can draw from a certain amount of experience – and maybe wisdom.

Increase Your Self-Esteem – 9 Tips to Tame Your Inner Critic

Some of us are our own worst enemies. I mean, have you listened as you talk to yourself? Would you talk like that to a friend? Probably not, your friendship would definitely suffer.

Don’t Let Them Fool You – You Are Good Enough

What do you think about yourself? Most people, even some A-list celebrities, suffer from low self esteem.

Fear is Faith in the Wrong Thing

What is your biggest fear? Have you ever thought about it? Do you have many fears and it’s hard to distinguish which one is the worst? Listening to the news or watching TV can certainly give you something to be fearful about – if you choose to believe what you are seeing and hearing.

The Self Esteem Test

Do you know if your Self Esteem is at a healthy level? Would you know where to go for the best Self Esteem Help if you are living with low Self Esteem?

Guilty, Angry and Shamed – Natural and Unnatural Responses to Shame

When a person has grown up hearing hurtful, critical and blaming accusations over and over again from parents or partners which attack their value as a human being they may develop what we call a “shame-based” style of response. The natural, instinctive and universal human response to shame is to look down, to redden, to feel overwhelming desire to escape… to wish to hide or to melt into the floor.

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Improve Your Self Esteem Without Fear

The fear of low self esteem has fed a lot of well-meaning but completely misguided efforts in improving self esteem. After all, many people fear that some acts of violence, like bullying, result from low self esteem, or from an exploitation of other people’s low perception of their own worth.

Do You Have Low Self Esteem?

Nobody is shielded from low self esteem. However, it is important to differentiate between feelings of low esteem and sadness, or from the effects of a string of bad days. There are a couple of symptoms of low self esteem that you can look out for if you feel that you or a loved one may be suffering from low self esteem.

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