80% of People Fail To Solve This Easy Math Puzzle

80% of People Fail To Solve This Easy Math Puzzle

How to Boost Self Confidence in Children

Self esteem is important to a young child. As early as possible, one must develop and boost self confidence to be able to handle life. Parents are the most influential people of children in their early lives and they can mold the self confidence in children as they grow.

How to Stop the Painful Emotion of Shame and Heal the Lingering Damage

Shame is personal; it’s you rejecting you basically; with shame you have failed yourself. Shame is a lower energy vibration with a self-destructive impact on your life. It interferes with your happiness and fulfillment as a person. It cripples self-worth, the biggest determining factor to your success and ability to make money.

What If I Have Poor Self-Confidence?

What is low or high self-confidence? How can I tell if I have poor self-confidence? Can I do anything to change poor self-confidence?

Seven Life Changing Tips Beyond Trauma

There have been a number of traumatic events over my lifetime. The most traumatic and life changing event for me was when my 15-yr-old daughter, Tanya, sustained severe brain injuries in automobile accident in 1989. In the hospital trauma unit I realized there was nothing I could do to change what had already happened. My focus quickly moved to the question of “What can I do now?”

Build Self Esteem Through Motivation

People have high self esteem when they are able to motivate yourself. Find out how you can get yourself motivated so you can build your self esteem.

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Could Low Self Confidence Be Hurting Your Business?

Self confidence is something you talk about with your personal counselor, not with your business mentor, right? It is something that directly influences your personal and love relationships, but what about your business relationships? This is something many businessmen and women never think about, but which directly affects how successful you are in business.

Dealing With Backhanded Compliments

Sugar-coated insults, or backhanded compliments are insults disguised as compliments. Sometimes they leave us frozen, feeling bad and not knowing what to do…

Don’t Let High Unemployment Statistics Get You Down – 5 Helpful Job Search Tips

The ever increasing world of statistics can sometimes skew reality. Don’t let the numbers get you down because most of the time they’re either wrong or just a prediction, only later to be revised. If you’re searching for a regular 9 to 5 job, here are some helpful tips that will make finding one that little bit easier. You need to focus on what you can control and not the…

Increase Your Self Esteem

There are many people who do not have good self-esteem. This is unfortunate because self-esteem can be such a powerful motivator. If a person has good self-esteem, he or she will have enough confidence to try things out of their comfort zone and turn their dreams into reality. Unfortunately, most people with low self-esteem have been knocked down so many times before in the past that they just don’t want to get hurt anymore.

Self-Esteem – Myth Vs Reality

Lack of self-esteem plays a significant role when it comes to underperforming in business and personal life. But what you don’t might hurt you even further. Low self-esteem is not what you are born with, or you got it from inheritance or as a gift.

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The Groundbreaking Cure to End Shyness

Are you too shy? Well, you shouldn’t be. I have the secret to end all shyness and it’s actually quite simple.

Stand Up for Your Boundaries

Personal boundaries are essential for each one of us. They make us feel safe and actually prevent us from feeling upset or hurt. Our individual boundaries are healthy and good for us. Setting boundaries raises our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. When we enforce our boundaries we send ourselves and others the message that you are worthy of respect.

Conquer Fear Now! Not Tomorrow, Next Week, or Next Year – Now!

Fears are irrational beliefs about how something will affect us. We think that an object, event or feeling will result in harmful or troubling consequences. The dilemma is that this way of thinking is controls us, rather than us controlling it. In other words we’re giving our power away. You need to get it back now!

Don’t Let Self-Styled Experts Use Your Self-Doubt to Undermine Your Confidence

Did you ever have an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ moment? What I mean is: a moment of insight to a truth no one else seemed to have noticed. If that’s ever happened to you, what did you do with it…

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