A Glass Of Water (Animated Story Time)

A Glass Of Water (Animated Story Time)

Building Self Confidence and Personal Poise – Great Tips to Help You

Hello there my friend. I want to share with you some great tips that will help you build self confidence and personal poise. I am sure there are times in life when you wish you had that little bit of extra confidence and composure in certain situations.

Self Esteem – 3 Quick Tips to Boosting Your Self Confidence For Happiness & Success in Your Life

There are thousands of people who would be happier and more successful if they would learn to believe in themselves and their abilities. This is perhaps the no. 1 thing that holds people back from achieving what they want in life. The sad thing is if they would only learn a few simple yet powerful techniques. Then they could have all the self confidence they would ever need to succeed in life.

The Secret That Lurks Behind Low Self-Esteem and What You Can Do About it Now!

For many years I suffered from what the medical people term ‘General Anxiety Disorder’. This caused me a lot of unhappiness. I didn’t want to take medication but I did want a cure for it. I would blush for no reason, have heart palpitations and get such a dry mouth that I would be rendered speechless. (some would say that was a good thing!!). It affected every aspect of my life. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Be Confident at All Times
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Confidence is a quality that can bring you lots of benefits. Read on to know how you too can be confident at all times.

The Art of Standing Tall

As a conscious awareness artist, I focus on helping others to experience who they are and what they have inside. One of my favorite practices is what I like to call, “The Art of Standing Tall”.

Overcoming Your Greatest Fears Or You’re Scared of What?

The difficulty with developing a strong sense of self or great self-esteem is that we must choose to do the work. Like an individual who decides to have a “sculpted” body, you must elect which “muscles” you are going to work on.

Starting on the Path to Great Self-Confidence

To improve our self-confidence, we need to take on the challenges of life. If we avoid these, then our self-confidence dwindles. This article provides insights in how this can be accomplished.

Even If You Lost the Parent Lottery, You Can Have Or Find True Love and Success in Life

I lost the parent lottery. My mother was verbally abusive and my father threatened my life for 18 years. I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet today, and I am excited to be telling you how you can transform your life, too. You can succeed and you will when you commit to learning how to love yourself.

Some Ideas About Low Self Esteem

Self esteem is said to be an essential attribute in one’s life in order to be fulfilled and happy on both a personal and professional level. Self esteem is a term used to measure the amount of respect that a person holds for themselves.

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Hope For the Image-Bound

Going shopping is an interesting activity if you’re a social gazer. The life on show at a major shopping mall can be a sight for sore eyes. There are many things to see, including varying groups of people obviously tied to a certain image–an image that holds their identity firmly in place; at least for that foreseeable season of their lives.

Three Steps to Boost Your Self Worth

Throughout our lives, we seem to live in a circle of ups and downs. It is the nature of the beast and unless we set out a plan to know what we want to achieve throughout our lives, we seem to meander from success to failure throughout.

Take a Compliment

“No, I don’t look pretty today, you are joking,” or “Oh, I didn’t do that good of a job.” These are pretty common responses to compliments these days. I am not quite sure why a negative way of thinking has crept into our society, but I think we need to get back into the habit of accepting compliments when they come our way.

Building Self-Esteem

Individuals begin developing their self esteem at a very early age. How they feel as a child often depends on the type of encouragement and nurturing they get. Children that are encouraged to try their best and to learn from their mistakes have a more positive self esteem outlook than those that are constantly belittled for things. It makes…

Two Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

There are many ways to boost your self confidence and regain your self esteem. Everyone has the ability to improve their self confidence and begin enjoying life again. Follow the confidence boosting techniques outlined below to help you.


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