A New NoFap Strategy

A New NoFap Strategy

Improving Your Self-Esteem

There are things that you can do to improve your self-esteem and to feel good about yourself. One thing you can do immediately is change your attitude about the task or goal that you are committed to achieve. Every morning before leaving for work, take a minute to…

Building Self Confidence – What It Can Do For You

When you have trouble building self confidence it shows in the way you act, walk, and even in the way you smile or your lack of a smile. Everyone around you knows that you are unhappy but they probably do not know why you are not happy. They would love to help you but they do not know how.

John Travolta and His Dance with Princess Diana

There is this lovely little story in the British Daily Mirror where John Travolta is quoted as saying that he had some help when he was experiencing a real dip in his acting career. In fact he is even prepared to say that it was like being reborn.

Is Personal Journal Writing A Spiritual Tool – Can It Offer Spiritual Direction?

You might wonder how writing about your experiences can be a valuable spiritual tool. Perhaps you think that spiritual direction is complete when you have found a teacher, a religion, a discipline using it to instruct, guide and re-enforce your inner commitment.

How To Improve Your Assertiveness Even If You Are Shy

One of the worst things about being shy in this world is the feeling that results from not standing up for yourself when you know that your rights have been abused or violated. That’s not to mention all of the lost opportunities that your shyness has prevented you from experiencing. What if there was a way to eliminate this shyness and the resultant bad feelings associated with not being assertive and standing up for your rights? Read on for ways to change your approach, outlook and strategies to eliminate the shyness and improve your assertiveness.

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6 Simple Steps To Overcoming Shyness

Hands up if you are shy … Oh … sorry, you’re shy like I was so you won’t put your hand up will you? Learn some simple but effective techniques for improving your self confidence with this informative article.

Are You a Perfectionist? How Not to Beat Yourself Up

The word “perfectionism,” as defined in the dictionary, is “A tendency to be dissatisfied with anything less than perfection.” Does this sound like anyone you know?

Are We Tuned In To The Dialogue Between Outer Purpose And Inner Directive?

Are You Aware Of The Ongoing Conversation Between Our Natural Inner Wisdom And Our Mind Conditioned With Pre-Conceptions, Attitudes And Expectations?

SELF-BELIEF – Give Yourself Permission to be Successful

Do you lack self-belief? Does it stop you from achieving what you want, to have and do and your want in life? Well you are not alone! But how can you start to break the ‘chains?’ It may surprise you… (Based on personal experiences.)

Character – A Perspective On Self Worth

Do we really know or understand the meaning of building character? The foundations of building character has many meanings that develop self worth.

Approval Addiction – How to End Your Need to Please

It takes time to get over the need for approval and the fear of disapproval. However, it is time well spent! Embracing the love you have for yourself brings happiness, lightness, joy, and creative expression into your body and life. So reach for self-approval today. Open your heart and soul. Follow your passions. Make your priorities important. You deserve to be alive and filled with joy!

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Six Pillar Of Self Esteem – 7 Tips For Living Consciously

One of the six pillars of self esteem is living consciously, living in awareness of your internal and external reality, making decisions based on clear, lucid thinking and taking the appropriate action. Here are 7 tips to help you live more consciously.

How To Build Self-Esteem In Your Kid

Can everybody build good elf-esteem. Of course they can. You just have to learn how to do it. I did it. You can to!When you for the first time feel your head responding back to you,hey i can do this! I tell you it is the greatest feeling on this earth.

Insecurity Destroyed Thousands – Are You A Victim?

Hundreds of thousands have leapt buildings, slashed their wrists and swallowed sleeping pills because of a horrid emotion. Are you spiraling to a similar demise?

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