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About Positivity Me

About Positivity Me

Positivity Me is a website created by me for you. It actually serves two purposes. The first, is being a website that provides positive anecdotes to life’s problems, helping you navigate a world that can seem overwhelmingly negative. The second, is to help me on my own journey of positivity.

I have felt that for a long time a cloud of negativity has hovered over my head. With meditation, affirmations and an excellent support system( friends and family) it’s slowly going away; but I’m not quite there yet. I created this website to take me over the line and live a happier life that looks internally rather than externally. I hope that somewhere within this site you find something that inspires you for the day, year or even lifetime.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy PHD in Psychology but I do have experience. Experience of feeling alone, experience of feeling like the world and the people within has turned on you. Experience of not wanting to get out of bed but having to because despite all that’s going on in your life, you are ambitious and want to achieve great things.

My Story

Positivity Me is made with a lot of love and I encourage you all to share your own stories and ideas for having a better outlook on life. But before you do that, it’s only fair if I share mine.

I cannot say that I had a bad upbringing or parents that don’t love me. In fact my parents have very much been the driving force behind my education and wanting to strive to be a better person. Despite having such wonderful parents I have always felt different from everybody else.

I remember the early years in school where I would pick up on the smallest things people would do, and create stories to figure out why people said or did something at that exact moment in life.

I would get caught up, becoming lost in a tangling web to figure out situations within my mind. In the end I never just asked why they did what they did, instead I found it far more fascinating to create a story in my head. Some said it was intuition, I used to say it was an illness.

Upon growing up these thoughts remained and with it came negativity. I began to care too much about what other people thought, and not enough about what I was able to provide to the world. That cloud I mentioned early began to follow me around. Through university and into my working life.

After studying some NLP( Neural Linguistic Programming), reading books such as the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green and others on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I am beginning to understand humanity and light is slowly starting to shine through the clouds.

Breathe deeply, think positively and join me on my journey.