Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

All Diamonds Have Flaws – Five Things To Remember When Making Comparisons With Others

It is easy to be attracted to famous personalities, performers, actors, and musicians. In truth, the way these stars appear on stage or screen may be completely different from who they are in real life. Here are some things to remember when we compare ourselves to others starting with “All Diamonds Have Flaws.”

Using Insecurity to Build Self-Discipline

This article is about the power of insecurity to improve self-discipline. It flies in the face of self-confidence being a natural motivator for individuals.

8 Ways To Know If You Should Trust Your OPINIONS

One of the greatest personal challenges many individuals face is their own lack of a sufficient degree of the all – important and necessary component of genuine, positive self – esteem. This inability (or lack of self – confidence) often ends up being a major inhibitor in the way individuals pursue nearly everything they pursue. Unless, and until, one becomes strong enough to be personally objective (about oneself), as well as truly introspective, it is extremely challenging to believe enough in oneself to develop, believe in, and effectively utilize personal perspectives and priorities.

Whose Drum Do You MARCH To?

How often have you heard the expression that one must march to his own drummer? However, in the final and true analysis, very few of us actually do so. Most people opt for being popular or fitting in with the crowd, rather than following their own dreams, heart, feelings, beliefs, and/ or aspirations.

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Dare to Live Differently

The qualities of our lives both within and outside the church are meant to reveal to the world the difference our God can make in those who are willing to trust in Him. To dare to live differently must begin with a desire. And our desire must conform to the will and expectations of God. What would make us different are some set of values, attitudes and beliefs that will truly distinguish us as a “special treasure” to God.

Why We Must Avoid Toxic Humour

We have to be careful that our humour is never toxic or abusive. Toxic humour gets a laugh at the expense of another’s dignity and well-being. It destroys our confidence and erodes our self-esteem and self-worth, which, in all too many of us, are already far too low.

Build Your True Self-Esteem and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

When I was a teenager, I often read many magazines and watched TV. I was enchanted with those great Hollywood stars with beautiful bodies, gorgeous hair and gleaming teeth. I started comparing myself to those perfect women.

Need Help For Your Blushing Face? Try These Tips

What if your life could be blush-free? Everyone blushes. Some more than others. If a blushing face is affecting your quality of life, what can you do about it? Blushing is curable.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder and Be Confident

Discover how to overcome social anxiety and develop the confidence to finally be as social as you want to be. Overcoming social anxiety disorder is achievable.

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Getting Through Life Challenges

There are phases in life when everything seems to be working against you. In such times, every direction you face brings challenges, some of which are hard for you to bear. In as much as friends and family members might be there for you to help you out in such situations, a huge percent of getting through your challenges in life lies with you and what you choose to do about it. When you have a plan, it is highly likely that you will be a success in meeting every challenge and getting over it.

How You Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Positive thinking and affirmations generally build self-confidence. You are confident about yourself when you can see yourself achieving the goals you have and mastering skills in given areas. This kind of confidence can be ruined by feelings of inadequacy in the way we look, the way we do things and how we look and compare to other people. Fortunately, something can always be done in boosting self-confidence. By taking control of your feelings and your life in general, you will find an easy path of getting to self- confidence.

Love Your Flaws And All

During the Grammys, Sam Smith made a speech about how he learned to succeed. He stated that he tried to lose weight and be like everyone else and it was not until he learned to do his own thing that he finally started to succeed. How many of us can resonate with what he is saying?

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Relationships Are Rewards, Not Solutions

Often when we are in a rut or feeling blue, we firmly believe that the solution to most of our problems is a good relationship with someone. This person would love us, care for us, and share happy moments with us. As wonderful as all of this sounds, a relationship with someone is not going to take away your problems or negative feelings, only you can do that. And, if you depend on someone to take away your problems for you, the relationship isn’t going to have a strong foundation and you might quickly find yourself alone once more.

4 Components Towards Becoming A Better SELF

How can anyone become the best that he can be, unless and until he commits fully to enhancing his personal persona? Whether one merely wants to take a true, objective, introspective look, or if he wants to perform to the peak of his potential, until one becomes ready, willing and able, to take an honest look at himself, it becomes nearly impossible to perform as well as possible. Far too often, many individuals proceed through life seeking to fool themselves into believing they were someone they were not!

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