Ancient Chinese Secret to Staying Motivated – Wu Wei

Ancient Chinese Secret to Staying Motivated - Wu Wei

A Worry Cure to Gain Confidence by Understanding Reality

There are a fair few courses around on self help. One I have become aware of covers confidence, self esteem and shyness with the angle of how to overcome worrying what people think of you.

It’s Your Problems That Make You Worth Knowing

No one likes problems. In fact, we would just rather not have any. But it is these very same problems that make you worth knowing. Find out why.

Body Shapes – Loving Yourself Inside and Out!

Being under a constant bombardment of unrealistic images about the ‘perfect’ body shape and size, we can find ourselves experiencing negative body image. This can be so intense that it leads to emotional distress, depression, unhealthy dieting and eating disorders. We need to accept our unique body shape, not only that, to love it!

Tips to Project Status – Part 1, The Basics

Various people ask me a question, “What is the epitome of Personality Development?” Without any doubt, the epitome of personality development is Status Projection. First things first, status projection is not presenting yourself as something you are not.

Self-Esteem is Not Just a Personal Matter

Self-esteem is the relationship that you have with yourself, your sense of personal worth. Self-esteem might therefore seem like a totally private issue. However, your self-esteem affects not only your own life, but it affects the lives of everyone around you.

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Continued Higher Self-Esteem For Those Who Already Have High Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is like vitamins. Even though you have a high level of vitamins in your body today, it doesn’t mean that you will always continue to have it if you stop taking in new vitamins. You need to eat new vitamins every day otherwise you will run out of stock. In the same way, you need to continue to add to your self-esteem every day. If not, it will get lower and lower.

Self-Esteem at Different Ages

Self-esteem is built up throughout life. To learn to love ourselves we need to feel loved by others and shown that it is OK (and good) to express love and respect towards ourselves. We need self-esteem at all ages, but our specific self-esteem needs change between different ages.

Self-Awareness – The First Step Towards Higher Self-Esteem

Self-awareness is the first step towards self-esteem because without knowing who you are you cannot love yourself. It is impossible to love something that you don’t know about. The better you know something, the more true love you can give. Being the first step towards self-esteem, self-awareness is thus extremely important.

Self-Esteem Self-Help Programmes

There are still not that many self-help programmes for self-esteem on the market, but fortunately, awareness about self-esteem is increasing and the number of self-esteem self-help programmes are increasing too. In order to help you to decide which programme to choose I will write about some different aspects that can be good to keep in mind when you are looking for a self-esteem self-help programme.

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When it Hurts Like Hell

Have you ever been lost? I don’t mean a little bit oh-no-I’ve-gone-the-wrong-way lost. I mean really lost. When dry panic sets in. The definition of being lost is ‘to be missing, off track.’

Create a Lifestyle That Supports Your Self-Esteem

If you want to raise your self-esteem and to keep it high forever after, you need to create a lifestyle that is self-esteem-supportive rather than a lifestyle that is influencing you in the opposite direction. Many people with low self-esteem do self-esteem exercises to raise their self-esteem and then wonder why they are always coming back to square one. The reason is usually that they are leading a life that is pulling their self-esteem down. Despite all their efforts, their self-esteem is pulled down as soon as they turn on the TV or meet their friends.

Building Self Esteem in Children For a Better Tomorrow

Experiences that children go through make them to be what they are when they grow up. In structuring self esteem, self confidence and good image, children become competitive later on in life thus speaking their minds…

Getting Rid of Hurt Feelings – Part 1

Would you like to stop feeling hurt? Wouldn’t it be great to go about your business everyday and not be affected by what people might think about or say to you?

Real Beauty

Are you confused about what constitutes real beauty? Are all of those sexy-girl stereotypes confusing about what is real and what isn’t when it comes to beauty?

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