Are You A Bad Delegator? | Brian Tracy

Are You A Bad Delegator? | Brian Tracy

Put a Ribbon in My Hair?

Toss out the “roles” and discover your freedom. As a woman from the south, born in the ’50s, I was raised to be small, quiet, polite and inauthentic…a perfect Southern belle.

Three Easy Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Felling better about yourself can often be easier to do than you think. You can actually help yourself believe in you. Don’t let your emotions totally rule your life…small changes can bring big self rewards.

Every Youth Is Worth Saving

Each marine was to jump into a 12-foot deep pool of water from a 15-foot high tower, fully clothed, with boots on and helmet. He was to surface and tread water for ten minutes to demonstrate that he could survive in water during combat.

5 Ways to Build Your Self Esteem

A low self esteem can mean having anxieties and limiting negative beliefs about yourself. Find out how to build your self esteem with positive affirmations, visualizations and empowering thoughts that you are in charge.

Have Confidence in Yourself!

The problems related to self-confidence do not come to an end at the onset it self and has deep rooted effects. Confidence becomes a problem not only in public, but it shoots up when an individual is supposed to undertake responsibilities in life. An individual is bound to show different aspects of his/her character when faced with different situations.

Self-Esteem – How to Regain it After Losing it to the Dieting Game
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The foundations of high self-esteem are built in childhood through sound nurturing. This is a part of good parenting, vital to a child’s healthy and happy development. It is through positive nurturing – the giving of unconditional love – that a child learns they are loved and loveable. Through these messages they learn how to give and receive love. This includes the ability to receive love openly from others and to give themselves the self-loving they also need.

Discover How Good Enough You Are – Can You Hear The Song In This?

Were you ever told and felt that you are not good enough for anything? I was. Despite all odds I survived all the put downs, the not good enough and I now hold a degree in G E (Good Enough) from the University of Self Development and Healing. Over my twenty years of exploring self healing for myself and facilitating as a healer with hundreds of people seeking healing of either physical body, mind, emotions, or relationships I discovered that the majority of people had deep struggles or conflicting feelings about not feeling good enoughitis (a new word I made up).

4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Self Confidence

Confidence brings out the best in a person and there is no better way to getting confidence then through yourself. Self confidence propels a person to do things and not worry about his own inadequacy. In this article we will venture into some tips on improving your self confidence.

Falling In Love With Yourself First!

This article explores loving yourself before you can truly love others. Self-love is a difficult process but once endured there is no turning back. Self-love reaches the most inner parts of yourself and existence.

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Self-Awareness is a Step Toward Wholeness

This article explores self-awareness. The way it relates to all aspects of your social and interpersonal self.

Overconfidence vs Lack of Confidence

Confidence refers to a strong sense of belief and trust in your abilities to achieve what you want in life. The benefits of having greater self-confidence are numerous, allowing you to have more faith in your decisions in life. Having a lack of confidence can prove to be an obstacle to achieving more from your life, but having overconfidence should also be avoided.

Self-Esteem – How Dieting and Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

There are two ways in which weight loss can change your life and your self-esteem. Firstly it can make you feel successful, elated and beautiful. It can give you high self-esteem and a body you love. With a life free from an obsessive battle with food, you are able to live life to the full, free from guilt, shame and self-loathing. Secondly it can devastate your life and psyche as the weight eventually creeps back on and you feel a failure again.

Quick Tips To Boost Your Self Esteem

So you are on a bit of a downer and having one of those days where your self respect appears to be pulling you rapidly towards the ground. Maybe you messed up something in front of another person. Perhaps you did not perform as well as you wanted to on your test or flunked an important job interview.

Your Self Image Will Either Make You Or Break You

Many people who want to achieve success have a difficult time achieving the success they would like to possess. The only reason people have a difficult time reaching their success is because of their self image. You can only achieve as much as your self image will let you achieve.

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