Are You Sure? – Decision Making Process

Are You Sure? - Decision Making Process

Tips to Overcome Shyness With Confidence

Tips to overcome shyness are not hard to lay your hands on. Shyness is something that is felt when you are uncomfortable in a situation.

How to Be More Comfortable in Your Body

Many of us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies, and yet also know that confidence (without arrogance) is a very attractive feature to many people. So how do you reduce that feeling of self-consciousness so you can enjoy your date more and feel better about yourself? Firstly, be aware that you are almost certainly your harshest critic.

Ways to Be More Assertive

Assertiveness is about balance, balancing the needs of others with your own. If you were to draw a line on a bit of paper and put “my needs” on one side and “your needs” at the other end, then assertiveness sits somewhere in the middle.

What is Self-Esteem Theory?

Self-esteem Theory has become a popular and most importantly practical way of viewing human interaction. In this short article I will outline a simple yet effective description and methodology of Self-Esteem Theory.

Can Shyness Be Cured Or Not?

When people want to know whether shyness can be cured, they’ve already begun to answer the question. If you’re looking around for quick fixes to fear of social interaction, then obviously you’re already looking for ways to get over it and, as such, have started yourself on the way to curing it.

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Start Taking Steps to Build Your Self Esteem

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to start taking steps to improve your self esteem. Low self esteem can hold you back from so many wonderful things in life. It can keep you stuck in a rut with your career, finances, personal relationships, family and just about every other aspect of your life.

Friendships to Enhance Your Life and Improve Your Self-Esteem

The right sort of friendships will improve your self-esteem. The support you can get, be it through advice or just being there for you to listen, is good for your health and mental well-being. I know it may not always be easy to meet people you can trust but the sense of belonging, purpose and self worth of a good relationship will boost your self esteem.

Managing Self Doubt

Many people suffer with a lack of confidence, they have too many self doubts: too many self imposed inhibitions. They are afraid to “be themselves” when speaking in public, they don’t say what they want to say, in the way they want to say it.

How to Get Taller Tips For Short People

The statistics tell us that taller people make more money, get the better jobs and have an easier time building relationships. Certainly, there are exceptions to the rule but hard numbers do not lie it is true that short people are looked down on. So I began searching for some how to get taller techniques that I could put into practice. Here is what I found.

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Actors and Self Esteem – Boosting Self Confidence

Many talented and creative people report feeling incompetent, inadequate and having low self esteem at times. But there are ways to shift those feelings and build self confidence.

How to Get Over Being Shy Once and For All

You may ask how to get over being shy if you are finding that your shyness interferes with you personal effectiveness in every day life. For example, overly shy people may find they are treated unfairly in the workplace because they are unable to stand up for themselves.

Clean Your Life’s Closet

I had the delight of listening to a short video by Patricia Fripp on the importance of Cleaning out your life’s closets and these are some of the excellent tips I came away with. What is the purpose of an image consultant but to make you match the image you are trying to present.

Transformation Through Forgiveness – From Self-Loathing to Self-Love

Self-loathing can show up when you least expect it and can live in your psyche without your even knowing it. It’s like a dirty little secret that only you know about. You fear others will find out so you bury it into the deep recesses of your consciousness, hoping that it will never surface. The irony is that what you think is hidden is really radiating out from you by the choices you make, the relationships you are in and even in how you look. Do you smile often, welcoming the world? Or is there a heaviness surrounding you that drains you of energy? By masking those parts of you that you hold in judgment in darkness you are actually perpetuating your self-loathing, not healing it. By denying your darkest thoughts their natural path to the surface you are holding them in a place where they will take root and soon begin bearing bitter fruit.

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Self-Confidence and How to Acquire It

Self-confidence is having the feeling that we are in control and our level of self-confidence is determined by the extent of the situations that we have that feeling of being in control. Self-confidence applies mainly to social conditions but it is also relevant in intellectual and physical activities. As an example, a person could feel very confident while playing a certain sport and be a total zero in social situations or in intellectual endeavors.

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