Assertive Communication: DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Assertive Communication: DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

4 Steps to Help You Be Heard When You Lack Self Esteem

Finding your voice when you lack self esteem is difficult. Here’s how to understand the speaking is more than just words and how you can raise your self worth. With these 4 steps you are engaging your mind, body and spirit to step into a stronger self, to be heard.

Is It Normal For Someone To Have Low Self-Esteem After They Have Left An Abusive Relationship?

While some people are going to be used to having relationships that are fulfilling, there are going to be others who are not. In this case, someone could find that they have the tendency to end up with people who are not right for them.

Depression Cures – How to Fix You Depression

Depression and Women – Depression is very common among women. In fact as many as one in four women are likely to develop chronic depression at least once in their lives. Women are more than twice as likely as men are to become depressed. The majority of the nearly 15 million people who become chronically depressed every year are women, and about 2/3 of them do not seek help for their depression.

Find Out How Much You’re WORTH

Find out how much you’re worth by reviewing the Law of Compensation from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey. Discover the three key elements to this law.

Blaze A Trail
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The one who steps up to lead, who sets out to find the trail to a common goal, is not always the one who should. It is just as likely to be the trickster rather than a true leader who steps up. Can you tell them apart? Do you know your own heart? Are you a true leader or a trickster? If you are a true and moral leader, lead! Be the pathfinder. Blaze the trail for others to follow.

What Is Love?

Love is all encompassing. All the healing in the world is premised on Love, Divine Love. There are many methods but one God. God is Love, Love is the source of life, with Love you flourish, you have a reason to live. If love is withdrawn there is no reason to live and evil persists

You Must Build or Rebuild Your Self-Esteem or You Will Never Be Successful

I know this first hand. I have fought against a low self-esteem my entire life.

5 Myths About Introverts

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Barack Obama, Emma Watson, Christina Aguilera, and J.K Rowling. What do these people have in common?

10 Habits That Lower Self-Esteem and Cause Depression

Low self-esteem, typical of codependency, puts us at risk for depression. Do you have these bad habits? Take the quiz and learn to raise your self-esteem.

How To Break-Free From People Pleasing

Have you ever truly felt “Approved”? I won’t be surprised if you answered “No” to that question. Because most of us don’t feel “Approved” enough to cause us to believe it. And as a result we go through life feeling “wrong”, “insecure” and “rejected” thereby losing our self-confidence and developing low self-esteem. In fact, not feeling approved can leave us so empty and hungry inside that we may eventually seek to satisfy ourselves by doing things we think will cause others to like us, affirm us, accept us and approve us, thus becoming an “Approval Addict”! I am sure you would agree that trying to impress others is exhausting! It minimizes your own importance and individuality, which could be very damaging to you in the long run. The good news is that you no longer have to continue to find worth, validation or value in other people’s approval. You don’t need to suffer any longer with insecurity or rejection. You don’t have to strive to please others while feeling miserable yourself. There is a cure for the approval addiction. Here are a few quick and easy steps to get you started!

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4 Fundamental Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence Through the Roof

At a certain moment in my life I understood that I can no longer take myself the way that I am. I smoked cigarettes, I drank alcohol, and I led quite a low-quality lifestyle in general. No, no, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a hopeless human being or anything like that. I had a place to study, a family and a place to live. I just saw no progress in life and I had no final destination.

Wonderful You – YOU HAVE ALREADY WON the Game in Life That You Chose to Play!

Wonderful, willing, worthwhile, enlightened, are you divinely inspired to be made into your own powerful, emotive human package on earth and beyond. Acquiesce life’s anguish and contend, as tomorrow you will be reigning in dubious grace and proficiency; as aster buds in full bloom for all the world to see, especially YOU..

Conquering Your Fears One Day at a Time

Fear affects everyone, from time to time. This article will help you become motivated to face your fears and grow as an individual. This should also increase your level of self-confidence.

Sat Chit Ananda, Pure Blissful Consciousness

I seek you in temples, in altars and shrines, in mantras and malas, in murtis and idols, what do I seek? That which is already in me, which I do not realize or can’t fathom, the depths of non duality, my being is you, only you, yet I question every step, every turn that life takes, ridden with the burden of karmas, mistakes or lessons that I learnt, only increasing my faith in the very existence of the force that is the very essence of life, who do I call in the a crisis, when I am overcome with joy, the cosmic Brahman, I see you in all, peace, peace, peace.

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