Benefits of Cold Showers – Comfort Zone Killer

Benefits of Cold Showers - Comfort Zone Killer

Midlife Women in the Age of Miracles – Who Am I Really?

If you’ve reached midlife, no doubt you’ve asked the question- Who am I? This article may help you find the answer.

Self Esteem For Girls and How Bad Men Can Effect You

We enjoy being in the company of someone that treats us well and we tend to dislike it when someone treats us less than we deserve to be treated. But what happens when you love someone even though they treat you terribly. Even though you confess to hate them and claim to say they are horrible people and yet you still love them? What happens to your sense of well-being?

Body Image Blues – Understanding the Psychological Factors That Fuel Personal Insecurities

Millions of people are afraid to be real, so they pretend to be someone they aren’t in order to gain social acceptance and approval. This is driven out of their desperate need for acceptance and approval. This resource explores the relational, psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical dynamics necessary to connect with others at any stage of life.

Understanding Your Worth

This article discusses the importance of recognizing our worth and how to create from a place of worth. Practical steps and examples are explained.

Increasing Self Esteem – What You Can Learn From Barack Obama

Imagine growing up in a racially mixed family and working your way up to President of the United States of America, by far the greatest position a human on this planet can attain? Well, what is President Obama’s message to young and old, rich and poor, black and white, and all cultures? “Yes We Can!” But in reality for “WE” to do anything it means “You” are part of the equation too. That means that you are important and you matter and without you, “WE” have nothing.

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3 Steps From No-Esteem to Self-Esteem

You have made bad choices. You have been told many times you can’t do it. People have lost Faith in you, these are all Esteem killers. How in the world do you bounce back….

Self Love is All About Acceptance

By accepting ourselves we will attain self love and self esteem it is a simple fact. This is the reason why.

Attracting Love – Can You Say “I Am Lovable” Without Wincing?

I am fat. I am poor. I am broke. I am worried. I am getting old.

Building Self Confidence – 3 Steps to Becoming a Person of Influence

There is a lot of confusion about out there about confidence building. Building self-confidence is not simply about having a positive mindset. It’s also about results. For example, if you can persuade others to do what you want quickly and easily, your self esteem will rise.

Belief in Self and Confidence

There are many things in life that a person must confront, whether it is the first day of school, a new workplace, new family or friends. With each new experience and circumstance we will have to face the ultimate challenges, whether to believe in self and to have confidence. What is belief in self when it comes to interactions that we have on a daily basis?

The Wonder of You

The foundation of self-love and positive esteem is based in a true belief in yourself and in having faith in your qualities and capabilities. It requires trusting your intuition, judgment and choices. It is also vital to understand, accept and appreciate the benefits of your limitations.

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Improving Low Self Esteem Once and For All Starting Today!!

By utilizing the power of your mind effectively you can easily build powerful self esteem! The mind learns very quickly!

Poetry Within the Heart

To feel compassion and love for another person, To feel the song in their heart. To see the compassion and love for another person, To see the song in another persons heart.

Do You Love Yourself 100 Percent?

Why 100 percent is so important, you might ask. Allow me to share my way of understanding it.

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