Benefits Of Reading

Benefits Of Reading

Statistics, Setbacks and Self-Esteem

When, during the midlife transition, it seems as though the universe has it in for you, you’re not imagining it. Statistics support your feelings.

Why So Shy? What Causes Your Shyness?

Face it, shyness can hold you back in life. It can stop you getting the girl or boy of your dreams. It can keep you from getting that raise you deserve. So what’s causing your shyness and how can you overcome it?

Improve Self Esteem Before It’s to Late

Do you often feel the world is closing in on you? Do you blame others for your quality of life. Well it’s time to accept responsibility for your life and improve self esteem.

7 Simple Ways to Kill Self-Doubt and the Fear of Making Mistakes

During the American Civil War, President Lincoln had trouble with General McClellan. He was a great organizer, but indecisive. Fear of making the wrong decision can lead you to make no decisions.

Do You Prefer to Avoid Conflict?

Many people believe that by avoiding conflict, they are being peaceful and they are preventing an escalation of more conflict. While it’s true that fights and other conflicts should not be instigated, if one is brought to you you are not doing yourself nor the world any favors by avoiding conflict. If conflict is brought to you and you do nothing about it, and all you do is try to hide from it, all that you do is make things much worse.

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13.1 Miles – 1 Mile at a Time

So, what made me think I could finish when I hadn’t been training? Confidence and an inner belief in myself! You see, I have completed a couple of full marathons and a bunch of half marathons in the past. I know that I can cover 13.1 miles on foot because I have done it before.

Victim Or Victor Mentality

Who said one cannot rise above our worldly reality? All one needs is courage to face one’s difficulties – that comes from the reserves of the mind, which is more powerful than any outside circumstance. One CAN rise above one’s issues by recognizing that you are bigger than your problems.

Changing Self-Image

How does the Self-Image grow and shrink? This short article explains how the Self-Image grows and what you can do to increase your Self-Image.

Get the Habit of Building Your Confidence

Confidence is a habit. Find out how to build confidence by getting the right habits. You can form a positive habit of Confidence. It is just a matter of knowing how to do this.

Raising Confident Daughters in a Vanity-Obsessed World

As the mother of three daughters, I am continually plagued with apprehension about their well-being. Are they happy? Are they being treated properly?

Self Love

Sometimes we are like an empty cup. We struggle to have a sense of self and say out loud things like “why does my life feel empty” or why can’t I make friends”. Our soul or our inner world is a cup we fill up with love. Some people have so much it overflows you will know them by the joy you feel in their presence.

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In My Perfect World

In my perfect world my family would love me for who I am, my partner would believe I was always right and my dog would be of the does not poop or shed hair variety. But the reality is my family thinks I am weird, my partner is a Virgo so therefore always right and my dog sheds so much our green sofa is now a soft brown. Perfection is a perception though and as the man said “The difference between a weed and a flower is a judgment.”

Beware the Biggest Identity Theft – Giving Up Who You Could Be

The biggest identity theft isn’t when someone steals your information to get credit in your name or when someone runs up financial debt in your name. While that is definitely a major challenge, the biggest identity theft is the one that we let events in our lives do to us. Have you allowed this “identity theft?” Read on to find out…

Projecting Self Confidence to Promote Self-Esteem in Others

Have you ever noticed someone that was down and out, I mean someone who had a really defeatism attitude about everything. These folks are all around us, sometimes we do not notice them, as they have such a low-presence. They are often afraid to speak much about anything and they lack self esteem, something which is quite obvious even before they speak, merely by observing their body language. We want to help these folks feel good about themselves and yet, it is so difficult.

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