Best Way To Stop Panic Attacks and Cope with Panic

Best Way To Stop Panic Attacks and Cope with Panic

My Ego Will Not Get In The Way Of Special People

Your ego means what exactly? You know the me in ego takes all the creditability of living among your fellow men. It is okay to be happy being you but don’t let the ego get in your way to preventing you from loving your fellow man.

Once And For All – Own Who You Are!

A man who was my teacher for a very longtime once said, to paraphrase,” If you want to be truly free, you must take responsibility”. I totally agree that is the only possible path to happiness.

Beyond Basic Needs

We often think of our needs as being solely the basic survival needs of air, water, food, clothing and shelter. However, there are a series of needs which emerge when these basic physical needs are met. These higher needs are psychological and if not satisfied can result in depression, anger, anxieties, confusion, isolation and even violence.

Don’t Blame the Reflection

Many times we can sit and ask ourselves why things aren’t going right in our lives. We tend to blame things outside of ourselves and try to find the answers there as well. Blaming the reflection will not bring you the things that you crave in your life. So what will?

The Beauty Of Being Normal In A Plastic World

Is being thin and beautiful so important in our society that women are willing to sacrifice their health to “look the part”? Disfiguring plastic surgery in Tijuana? Anorexia? Bulimia? Perfection is not real.

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Searching For Self Esteem

We all have choices in life! Self Esteem is action, it comes from courage. You don’t have to stay in that career or in that dead end marriage.

You Choose The Mirror Of Your Life!

We all become emotionally and psychologically transformed by the “mirror” we choose to look at ourselves on. If the “mirror” reflects positive energy and healthy dynamism, it will impact our behavior positively. If the “mirror” reflects negative energy, fragmentation and dysfunctionality, our behavior will display signs of sickness and dis-ease. I have consistently come to believe, after listening to hundreds of people, that many of the dysfunctional behaviors psychologists and counselors usually label as such are directly connected to “images” reflected on the “mirror” of our lives. Psychotherapy usually helps people to understand why they do what they do. Put the same person in a coaching setting (Action Driven Results), help him/her choose a different “mirror,” and the dysfunctional behavior will change accordingly.

Self Esteem – Acceptance or Forgiveness?

Just about everybody can work on their self esteem. This article shows you steps you can take to boost your self esteem and increase your confidence levels, and feel better immediately.

Do You Know a Confidence-Sapper?

As much as we need to manage our personal confidence levels, we also have to manage our circle of influence. Do some of your friends, family, colleagues or co workers sap your confidence? Read on to find out how to deal with them to preserve your enthusiasm for yourself and life.

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The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse in Our Lives

Just like an eclipse event where the moon and sun go from darkness to light, revealing ones thoughts, secrets and confessions is the perfect way to illuminate inner truths. Living in truth allows us to live at the core of happiness and success.

Self Esteem – Keys To Building Your Self Esteem

When my self esteem was at a particularly low ebb, I followed these simple steps. I invite you to do the same. You can start building your self esteem today.

Self Esteem – 10 Simple Steps To Soaring Self Esteem

The good news is that you can grow in self esteem. You can develop confidence in yourself and your abilities. Here are some simple steps to get you started with building soaring self esteem.

Guilt And Low Self Esteem – How To Understand And Overcome These Issues

Guilt is an emotion that few of us like to feel or even admit that we carry – but it is the single most damaging emotion that we have. It destroys our relationships and our success as well as robbing us of our happiness in life. We must understand and let go of our guilt if we are to reach our full potential in life. This article explains the origins of guilt and causes of low self-esteem and then shows how to overcome them.

How to Stop Being Self Concious and Live a Happier Life

Do you care about what other people think of you? Are you concerned that some people don’t like you? Do you hang on to what other people say, hoping that they might say something good about you and dreading if they say something bad about you? Thinking in this mindset is holding you back in more ways than you can imagine.

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