Can You Buy Happiness?

Can You Buy Happiness?

Simplify to Recognize Your Worth

Life is actually quite simple. We complicate everything about our existence; our relationships, our responsibilities, our agenda, our time, our work, and our purpose.

Building Self Confidence – Self Improvement Techniques

I suffered from low self confidence for many years. It’s takes deep courage to overcome it. There are various ways to help with building up your self confidence or overcoming shyness.

Understanding and Growing Self-Esteem

Just like the health of the body is a consequence or effect of many inter-related causes, so it is with self-esteem. If we wish to increase our health, we can only do so by working on it indirectly- by working on our diet, our exercise, our mindset, our environment. So it is with self-esteem. If we wish to increase our self-esteem, we can only do so by working on it indirectly- by working on those things that contribute to it.

How to Change My Negative Self Talk, Simply For More Peace of Mind

Most people are aware of the fact that they speak to themselves on a regular basis. Your internal dialogue can be really useful, for example many people get motivated by talking to themselves. The thing is in certain situations and contexts people suffer from critical self talk or hear an inner critic beating them up.

Self-Esteem – A Parent’s Most Important Job!

We all have our jobs to do in this world, and some are harder than others. However, the toughest and yet most rewarding of all the jobs is being a good parent. If you were to take a look at the childhood of the most successful people you would find that they grew-up with a strong healthy self-esteem. This is absolutely the greatest gift a parent can give to their child, a solid self-image and a healthy self-esteem.

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Want Some Tips to Improve Your Self Image While on Your Gastric Band Journey?

As we all know, learning or improving any skill takes time and practice and developing your self esteem is no different! Want to know how to improve your self esteem? Read on!

How to Raise Self Esteem For Your Children

Childhood has its difficult moments for everyone, but for a little one with low self esteem it is even more trying and confusing. If you want to know how to raise self esteem for your children, consider the following strategy to lift them up.

Help With How to Improve Your Self Esteem

If you have been suffering from low self esteem for much of your life, you have probably heard all the common advice. You know how to improve your self esteem by saying positive things about yourself and trying to erase the negative “self talk” that permeates your brain throughout the day.

How You See the World

How You See the World is about our self-image plays in shaping our lives. Self-Image is the blueprint of an individuals human behavior i.e. who we are and who we become. How you perceive yourself based on your interpretation of past events, colors your world in the present. If you want to understand why you do the things you do and how you can change your behavior, this article will give you some insights based on your self-image.

How to Develop the Self Confidence of a Winner

The key to all success is having the self confidence to pursue what you believe in, face your fears, learn from your mistakes, and stay motivated to achieve all that you desire. Your self confidence will inspire and attract others wanting to achieve similar success.

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Sensitive to Esteem (A Psychological Factor)

The outlook that you have on life can be greatly affected by your own self-esteem and self-image. It is generally accepted that women tend to view themselves more critically than men. But this doesn’t mean that some men don’t have very low self-esteem and are often not sure about what sort of clothes suit them, if they fit and if they are the right color. With clothing acting as a second skin, studies have shown that image consultants can have a positive effect on those that feel insecure about themselves and a little advice about a positive attitude to clothing and image can work wonders for anybody.

Think You’re Unattractive? It’s in Your Mind!

Have you noticed how some girls always have the hottest guys chasing after them? Have you seen how some girls always seem to know what to do at any given time, when they’re around guys?

Great Self Esteem – How to Be Just Right

Are you too tall? Too short? Too fat? Too skinny? Nah, you really aren’t “too” anything…

Only Merely Human

How Free Are You? So often I hear “After all, we’re only human” or “That’s fine, you’re just human.” You’ve probably said it yourself as a placating remark to console the “human” you’re talking to at the time.

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