CBT and Reframing Thoughts With Cognitive Restructuring

CBT and Reframing Thoughts With Cognitive Restructuring

Your Own Person, Or Driven To BELONG?

How often have you observed that the very people who claim they must rebel, either against authority or anything else, and want to be free to express themselves independently, are in fact, merely joining some other group or clique? We often witness this in the ways that individuals dress, speak or carry themselves on a day to day, regular basis. Logically, if someone claims he is being his own person and dresses in a way that is similar to many others, how independent is he truly being?

4 Steps to Feeling Better About You!

Are you struggling with low self-esteem? You can harness the power of your mind to transform how you feel about yourself. Start with these four steps to a healthier self-esteem.

Learn How Krav Maga Kids Will Benefit Your Child

Krav Maga is a form of self-defense/martial art which was originally developed in Israel. Today this form of martial art is practiced around the world to people of all ages. It is exceptionally beneficial to children. The classes are taught as a form of game and through game, children learn not only to protect themselves, but how to identify threats and bullies.

Getting Ahead In The Armed Forces

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they decide what they want to do with their lives. For the select few, this happens before they are in high school, so they have time to study towards it. For other people, it happens before they have started college, so they will be a bit behind, but they still have time to change their path before it is too late.

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Self-Defence And Women

Self-defence is something that should be important to everyone, regardless of gender. But, it is very important to women because attackers can use their gender against them.This is not meant to cause offence to women, but some males are cowards and they will choose to attack someone that is weaker than them, rather than pick on someone their own size. This says more about men, than it does about women.

Why DECISIONS Are Personal?

Huge amounts of information has been written and discussed about the basics and necessities of decision making. However, although there are numerous common features and needs about how we go about deciding our personal courses of action, in the final analysis, each of us must understand and realize that our decisions must be based on what we consider to be our personal truths and priorities. Even more importantly, we must realize that we cannot and should not ever procrastinate or avoid making decisions in a timely manner, because avoiding them does not either help or make the need to do…

RESPECT Is Different From BLIND Obedience!

How often have you heard someone speak about how important it is to treat others with respect, both because it’s the right thing to do, but also if you wish it to be reciprocated? However, all too often, individuals abuse the concept of RESPECT with the need to always agree, or proceed with BLIND obedience. It is essential for each individual to balance the positive qualities of civility, fairness, open – mindedness, and positivity, with maintaining their personal integrity, and ability to maintain their independence, rather than overly trying to fit in by compromising one’s essential ideals.

6 Ways To Improve Confidence

It’s obvious that the more confident you are in something the more successful you’ll be. The ultra-achievers are usually the type of people who gush with confidence. Some may even argue they border on arrogance.

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Why It’s So Important to Increase Self-Esteem

The underlying cause of a lot of unhappiness is low self-esteem (a lack of confidence in your own worth or abilities). Self-esteem is the product of your life history, genes and circumstance. Low self-esteem is usually coupled with insecurity and self-doubt. These negative aspects of the ‘self’ have a nasty habit of causing self sabotage and reducing confidence. It’s heartbreaking to witness how low self-esteem debilitates ones life through fear and doubt. The cruelest part of low self-esteem is that no matter how strong your belief is about how much you believe you deserve something, low self-esteem will find a way to ruin any chances of success unless you manage or heal it.

Low Self-Esteem – Due to Unfair Self-Judgment?

Negative self-judgments tend to persist if they come from a deep emotional cause. Giving them weight means they will weigh you down with low self-esteem. They can reduce your sense of well-being, lessens your self-confidence in social situations, or sap your energy when facing challenges. Psychotherapists maintain that a persistently negative self-attitude can be related to a childhood experience of not being loved. For example if you were emotionally neglected, had punitive parents or were exposed to verbal abuse when you were young, then the message was drummed in that you were inherently bad and deserving of punishment. An idea still around since Christendom is seeing human nature as basically guilty of sin and thus deserving punishment. It is possible this belief may reinforce in some people their sense of low self-esteem and worthlessness.

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The Problem with Perfectionism

Perfectionists expect what the impossible and deny their own humanity. Being average equals being inferior – what they fear – that they’re not good enough. Chasing the illusion of perfection can become an addiction. The seeds are in childhood.

What Happens When You Create Roadblocks

It’s in the doing that we reach our success and get what we want. When we are in our heads, we can’t let go and allow things to happen. Are you guilty of doing this? When have you disappointed yourself because you held back by being in fear and worry and self doubt?

What To Consider When Obtaining A Krav Maga Certification

Krav maga is a popular martial art which is used for self-defense training for men, women and children around the world. This was originally developed for the Israeli Defense Force in the 1940’s and is now a popular art practiced in studios around the world. The first step is finding a reputable training center to teach you this martial art. There are so many martial arts to choose from and each center has a different method of teaching. You want to ensure the one you choose will be the right match for you, ensuring you learn the necessary self-defense techniques needed to protect yourself when you need it most.

Why Krav Maga Training Is Necessary For Women

Women of all ages turn to various self-defense classes on offer. In this day and age, it’s essential for women to be able to protect themselves should they need to. Self-defense can help boost confidence, giving you the strength to walk to your vehicle at night on a quiet road, knowing that if anything happens you have the tools to protect yourself.

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