CBT, Anxiety and Exposure Therapy

CBT, Anxiety and Exposure Therapy

The Single Most Important Factor for Ending Social Anxiety

Allow me to ‘preach’ for a second…

Your Life Is NOT As Bad As You Think It Is!

Life is not as bad as you think as it is. You’ve been viewing it through a filter that was given to you when you were little, but now no longer serves you. Here’s how to lose those worn-out beliefs and create an amazing life!

The One Trait Every Man Wants in a Woman

What is the one word that men are looking for in a woman, and that is a woman’s best friend? Confidence! It can change every area of your life and create that fairytale relationship while giving you the life of abundance you deserve. Here’s why your reflection is NOT who you are!

How to Overcome Unresolved Conflicts

Does your past really matter? Is it possible that your subconscious affects your present? Raise yourself up out of the ashes of poor choices!

4 Tips on How to Overcome Shyness

When you find yourself around other people, do you feel stress? Does your shyness interfere or lower your performance at work? Do you often find yourself avoiding social situations all together? If so, you will benefit from some tips on how to overcome shyness. Learning how to overcome shyness begins with accepting your condition and challenging yourself to make changes. Don’t expect results over night as there is no ‘magic pill’, but with effort and determination you too can learn how to overcome shyness.

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Key to Confidence Made Easy in 15 Simple Steps

Behind every success there is certainly a considerable amount of confidence. It is a belief. So here are 15 easy steps which will help you gain confidence and find your key to success.

Find Self-Confidence By Using This Interest In Others

I always turbo-charge my NLP with EFT. EFT are Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a mixture of specific easy acupressure that to apply yourself whilst thinking of the resistance to taking self-confident action, in this case. This removes the resistance. And then you can move forward with ease.

The Beauty and Challenges of Biracialism

Being biracial is no picnic, regardless of what society you live in. Even in the United States, the world’s melting pot, being biracial and maintaining a high self-esteem is a challenge.

Fun Release of Negative Critical Thoughts About Yourself With EFT

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, has the power to release emotional blocks completely. It does this by a specific combination of stimulation of acupressure points along with releasing wording. So EFT is great at diffusing and dissolving negative self-talk!

15 Interesting Ways to Boost Self Confidence

15 Easy and Interesting ways to build your Self Confidence. These simple, doable actions could possibly build a new confident you.

Are You Self-Confident or Arrogant?

What’s the Difference between Self-confidence and Arrogance? There is not much difference made between Gain Self-confidence and Gain Confidence. The dictionary meaning of the former implies gaining self reliance, while the latter is used with the similar implication as well as to indicate strong belief in something – may be self or a fact. But the other term Arrogance is not used in positive sense and is indicative of snobbery, pride, boasting, egoist attitude, impudence, over bearing and disdaining behavior, disobedience and similar others. While Self-confidence is always appreciated, over confidence is condemned and mostly viewed as Arrogance and impudence. What are the Factors helps to Gain Self-confidence? What makes one Arrogant? How to determine whether a person is Confident or Arrogant?

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Self-Esteem For Survivors of Neglect or Abuse in Childhood

If you have been abused as a child in any way and this affects your confidence, first of all recognize that the love has to come from you. This is hard, if you have been trained by parents/guardians/people in authority that you were not lovable. So how can you love yourself if you believe you are unlovable? What a conundrum. However, it is not without solutions.

5 Wonderful Reasons to Love The Beautiful Body You Were Given

5 reasons why everyone’s body is beautiful. We should all work toward accepting our body’s and loving them, rather than spending time and energy wishing they were different.

5 Ticks To Looking Slimmer Without Dieting

Do you want to look better in your clothes without dieting? I know I do. I’ve always known a deep V-neck creates a slimming line and small prints are more flattering than large prints. But, what else can we do to look slimmer?

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