CBT: Cognitive Therapy and The Thinking/Feeling Connection

CBT: Cognitive Therapy and  The Thinking/Feeling Connection

How to Overcome Self Pity

It may seem impossible to overcome self pity once you’re in that negative place where things all seem to be piling up and going wrong and there doesn’t appear to be a solution. It is not impossible. It is possible.

Communication Strategies To Boost Your Confidence

Communication strategies do not have much value if you lack the confidence to be able to deliver your verbal skills. Do you lack the ability to go up to someone and start a conversation? When you are engaged in a conversation do you speak timidly and without authority? If you are suffering from these problems then you will need to take the appropriate steps to address them. You do have to learn a few insights on how to boost your confidence so your communication strategies become effective ones.

Building Confidence To Go Beyond Shyness

Most people suffer from the effects of shyness, or low self esteem, from time to time and it can be very difficult to get past those feelings. It is far easier to lose oneself in thoughts of self-doubt or self-criticism than it is building self esteem and these are the things that bring on shyness in the first place and we must spend time building confidence if we are to get past the often devastating effects of shyness.

How to Build Up Low Self Esteem

With low esteem, we can never live life to their fullest, or enjoy life. Even doing our daily routine, relationships, or achieving goals can become a problem with reduced self esteem.

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Networking Tips For the Introverted Solopreneur

Does the thought of networking and meeting new people regarding your business fill you with dread? Do you wish that clients would find you on the web or be referred by others without you having to go and find them? If this is you, chances are you are an introvert.

Why You Need Integrity in Your Relationships

If you do not have integrity in yourself, you cannot have it in your relationships. Without integrity in your relationships, they will fall apart.

I Can

I can. Those two words are more important in our world than most people want to admit! Think about it; the” I can attitude” is what separates the winners from the losers. If you go through life thinking “I can’t”; you are beat before you ever start any task or attempt to do anything. So; how can you develop the “I can or can do” attitude?

How to Overcome Your Inferiority Complex

Everyone feels inferior at times. Even the biggest egos. It’s when the occasional feeling turns into a full time one that you know you’ve got an inferiority complex.

Imprisoned By Your Need For Approval

How do you measure your worth? Is it what you own, what you do or simply who you are?

Self Esteem and Being Adorable

Self-esteem is a state of mind. It sometimes fills you with happiness, cheer, and confidence. Conversely it can also make you feel terrible about yourself.

The Most Important Love

The most important person in the world is you. Self-love is the foundation for unmeasurable success. By loving ourselves, we build a strong base for all the other aspects of our life.

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Self Esteem Activities: How You Can Easily Create Your Own Affirmations

Self esteem affirmations are quick and easy to create and to use in your regular, day to day life. Simply follow these simple directions and you are on your way to building your self confidence and esteem.

How to Stop Feeling Self Conscious

You know the feeling all too well: everywhere you turn it seems as though people are looking at you and judging you. This paranoia rapidly turns into self consciousness and that reinforces the downward spiral of feeling self conscious all the time. Here are some quick and easy tips to help reduce that feeling and help get you back on track to being your normal self.

Increase Self Esteem With Simple Meditation

An easy meditation to increase self esteem. Increasing self esteem can help improve your confidence and your and your self image. How your esteem can create an improved sense of worth and self confidence.

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