CBT & DBT Skills: Behavioral Activation-Opposite Action For Depression

CBT & DBT Skills: Behavioral Activation-Opposite Action For Depression

9 Tips to Alleviate Pubic Speaking Jitters

Have you ever had to give a public talk or presentation? Maybe it was a formal occasion as part of your work, or it may have be been informal, like a toast for your best friend’s wedding. Either way, speaking in public can often reduce us to a pile of nerves. So here are 9 tips for you to help alleviate the public speaking jitters.

Does Self Confidence Hypnosis Work?

Self confidence – or the lack of it – is one of those weird things. Some people seem to exude confidence from every pore in their body. Others appear to be afraid of their own shadow.

Genuine Pleather Aspirations

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Is this really an accurate statement? It would be more accurate to say that beauty is in the eyes of God.

The Key to Developing Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is like a battery. When the battery is charged, we feel positive; but when the battery is low, we can feel quite negative.

How to Blow Your Own Trumpet!

In most social situations, blowing your own trumpet is thought inappropriate. It may be a British disease, but most of us don’t like hearing other people talking about how good they are. We call it ‘bragging’ or ‘showing off.’ It’s as offensive to our ears as if someone were to blow a loud, harsh note on a trumpet. So, why do you need to blow your own trumpet?

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7 Practical Tips For Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Does your self-esteem need a boost? If your self-esteem is lower than you’d like then try these simple yet effective tips for boosting self-esteem.

Getting It Right Is Avoiding Getting Things Wrong

Worrying about getting it right prevents you from getting it wrong. Making mistakes is the only way to learn and drives creativity.

So You’re an Internet Model, So Is Everyone Else! Stop Disrespecting Yourself On Social Media

With the prevalence of social media, it would seem that some women have lost all of their senses, self dignity, and commence to becoming “models” on the internet. This article examines the disrespectful way in which women portray themselves on the internet and how it is viewed by the outside world.

Types of Temperaments

Temperament is the traits of human instincts we inherited from our parents. No one actually knows where it resides, but it is ever present in the mind or in the heart. These traits are arranged genetically on the basis of sex, nationality, race and other hereditary factors and they influence our characters to a large extent. The character we exhibit depends on the type(s) of temperaments we display at any point in time.

Understanding Temperaments

We as humans have the will to change our nature for the better as the ability to become who we are meant to be, all that is needed to do is to have a combination of positive trait and characteristics that influence people around us positively. Our character determines who we are and the way our actions influences us and our environment.

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Know Yourself As Love and Intelligence

In this article I attempt to show that no matter what we think we are, no matter what self-image we have, in our essence we are pure love and intelligence. It will be seen that our essential nature is awareness, and awareness, being unlimited and ever-present is love and intelligence.

What Happens When Your Emotional Mirror Is Broken?

Regarding personal relationships, when you look into your emotional mirror, what do you see? Are tears clouding your vision? Brokenness, pain, anger, are these familiar words ringing in your ears? If you answer yes to these questions, then this article is for you.

How to Deal With Bullying

How to deal with bullying. Learn how to handle bullying and fight back. How to handle bullying.

How to Say No When Someone Wants to Pick Your Brain

When someone approaches you to ‘pick your brain’ instead of paying for your services, be prepared. Set clear boundaries, so they recognize the value you offer.

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