CBT For Insomnia: How To Sleep Better And Cure Insomnia

CBT For Insomnia: How To Sleep Better And Cure Insomnia

Self-Love Tip – Let Us Start With Calm-Happy-Ish

Whenever you look to improve your self-confidence, up pops self-love in yet another book, manual, therapy session, or workshop. “Enough already”, you may think, “I have tried this self-love thing, and it’s not working. Why can’t I just be calm or happy without this loving myself stuff?”… And that is a really good point.

Who And What Is Right?

How do we know who and/or what is right and/or for us? Is there a simple formula, something we can buy or someplace we can go to find out? Read on. The key is self-discovery and self-realization. That is accomplished with honesty, respect, and best effort.

5 Tips To Grow Your Confidence

The human mind is such a powerful thing – it interprets and perceives your everyday experiences and moments we face in life on a daily basis to form who you are and become as an individual. I’m currently finishing an NLP Course, and wow what a journey it has been! The things I’ve learnt about the mind has completely blown me away, and changed forever the way that I’ll look out into the world. From the way I perceive things and interpret them, to actually ‘listening’ to people on a completely new level; all of it just makes you appreciate so much more how truly remarkable the human mind really is.

The Importance of Being Self Dependent

Being self-dependent is very important in life. The minute you are able to rely only on yourself and not on anybody else, you are able to take on any challenge or responsibility easily and will always find a way to achieve your goals with your own hard work.

Do Your Own Checkup From The Neck Up: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Nearly everyone repeatedly faces the challenge of being ready, willing and able to be truly objectively introspective, and, thus meaningfully, take that first, essential step, to better know both our strengths, and weaknesses, and attempt to positively address them, to create the best course to personally pursue. I often refer to this process as our introspective, checkup from the neck up, and personally believe that unless we often perform this behavior, it becomes nearly impossible to be the best we can be! While many people worry, or even question what to do, and exhibit a considerable amount of self-…

My Perfectly Imperfect Life

As I sat in a new coffee shop on a comfy couch next to a stuffed bear that was as big as me, I thought of something an old friend said to me after reading one of my blogs. He said, “Do you think you’d be so happy with getting older if your life wasn’t so perfect?” That question threw me for a loop and it made me angry.

How to Learn To Love Yourself A Little More – Practical and EFT-Based

Most of us could do with a little more self-love. After all, if we love ourselves more, we can allow ourselves to achieve more, we have more self-esteem, we can attract people to us that are attracted to the energy of love, and we can feel love. And love is a great feeling.

Conquer Your Fears With Confidence

Is fear stopping you from enjoying your life? Find out how to overcome your fears by becoming more confident.

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Are You Whole or Full of Holes?

Sometimes we look to the outside world to give us what we need when everything we need comes from us. We just need to find it. Here are 5 ways to become more of a whole person and filling up from within.

I’m Not That Special

Do you ever say, “I’m not that special”, to yourself when you hear someone give a great intro at a networking event, hear the bio of a successful person in your industry, or read about the accomplishments of a well-known and highly respected person? I know I do. I confess to having “Accomplishment Envy”, and in the past it made me insecure about my own abilities and what I offer to my clients. You can believe this envy negatively impacted my ability to sell with confidence!

Are Women Weak, Or Insecure?

”Woman” a name of delicacy and frailty, embodiment of love and sacrifice, however, these qualities do not make her weak or insecure. They consist 50% of the world population, but are they strong and confident? If we leaf through the pages of history, it becomes evident that women were the most harassed and insecure sect of the society for ages.

Self-Worth: Why Not Make Yourself A Priority?

When is the last time you did something nice for yourself? Has it been months, possibly years? In order for you to love others, you must first love yourself.

Self Compassion – The New Self Esteem?

There is a lot of interesting research that has developed over the past several years about self-compassion and how it stacks up against self-esteem. The self-esteem movement in Western culture in the 70’s and 80’s was based on the idea that the root problem for individuals, the very issue at the core of anxiety, depression, and fractured relationships and other psychological issues, was found in low self-esteem of the individual. At the most basic level, self-esteem is about an evaluation of oneself as a good or bad person in the world.

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7 Ways To Reduce Self-Doubt After Narcissistic Abuse

Perhaps you have fallen victim to the control and manipulation of a narcissist. You may have become aware of the toxicity in the relationship long ago, but have been too emotionally attached to your abuser to leave the relationship. You could even be free from your narcissist now and are wrangling your way through the healing process.

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