Change Your Negative Thinking: Thought Records in CBT

Change Your Negative Thinking: Thought Records in CBT

The Basics of Self-Esteem

Our self esteem is something that we can control and change at any time. It is based upon our beliefs and attitudes that we have about ourselves. If you struggle with low self-worth, here are some insights and tools in how to feel better about yourself.

Trusting Without Reservation

Today I took a leap. trusting in the magic of my soul. Today was the day that I took a deep breath, let go of certainty, trusted my heart, and leaped into seeing what happens next.

The Power of ‘No’: How to Reclaim Your Life and Avoid Complicated Living

Thump! A pile of documents lands on Eva’s desk while she’s busy answering a backlog of emails. Hours ago, she was lamenting to a colleague how the pressure at work is mounting up. “I can’t keep this up,” she thinks to herself. “Something has to give or I’m out of here.” “Why do I have more work than I can handle?” she wonders, slipping between daydreaming and the reams of stacked documents that drown out her field of vision. “Why can’t I say no?” “Because you want others to like you,” a familiar voice echoes back. Eva’s predicament is one we identify with because it happens to us often.

How to Build and Exhume Confidence in Yourself

Do you count yourself as being one of those unfortunate creatures of God who are just not worthy of being loved, praised or appreciated? If yes, then chances are high that you also must be very insecure as a person, although you must be doing a pretty good job of concealing it. What you must realize at this point is that try as you might to hide your true feelings they find a way to manifest themselves in form of low self-esteem.

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How to Improve Self-Esteem

Feeling high about you is something of higher self-esteem. If you really want to live a happy and peaceful life you have to remove any kind of negativities that you have in your life. More often we tend to lose self-esteem because we are compared to others who have superior qualities than us.

Loving Yourself Can Heal Fear

“I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experiences behind him.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt I know from my own experiences that what Eleanor Roosevelt said in the above quote is very true. I used to be scared to speak up for myself or speak my truth, and now I do it easily.

Self-Esteem and Your Relationship

Read on how your and your partner’s self-esteem contributes in your relationship. Improve your relationship by knowing where you are in the self-esteem spectrum.

Codependency Is Based on Fake Facts

Codependency is based on a lie. Symptoms develop to cope with the deep, but false and painful belief: “I’m not worthy of love and respect.” This is shame.

Low Self-Esteem Is Not a Permanent State of Mind

Many teens who are plagued with low self-esteem and self-worth believe that this is a permanent state of mind. But as I will discuss in this article, low self-esteem isn’t a permanent state of mind. So, we have no need to identify with it. Most teens who experience low self-esteem believe that they are plagued with this condition forever as if it is some disease. Some even feel so awkward and frustrated because of low self-esteem that they seek out counselling and other guidance. However, this need not be the case if you consider low self-esteem situational and short-term. I will show you how to overcome these negative thoughts about yourself in this article.

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The Empty Suitcase

How a suitcase I thought was empty hurled me into the future. If you believe everything happens for a reason this is an article you will enjoy. It is how an event helped me to unload past events and continue on my path.

Why Self-Esteem Is Important for a Model

You might have heard stories of models going into anorexia (disease where food intake is lethally minimal to achieve a illusionary body figure of thinness) or falling prey to drug abuse or alcohol abuse to ‘cope’ with their work. Such are the dangers one can bring upon them if they are don’t have enough self-esteem and confidence in their modeling abilities.

Building Confidence Is Easier and More Exciting Than Most People Think

Discover one of the simplest and most profound ways to build deep and long lasting confidence. Everyone has this ready and waiting inside them, it’s simply time to access it.

Introducing Ethicalism

The concept is to give everyone – either those who have a teacher or religion or those who have lost hope with the teachers and religions of today – a self-directed path to become content while strengthening ones individuality and sense of self. Ethicalism is a code of moral conduct that, if followed, will make one worthy of respect. As Confucius said; “Rather than to demand respect, one should strive to be worthy of respect.”

Should You Compare Yourself With Others?

Part of the success that you’re going to see in life and in business involves how you perceive yourself and how you perceive other people. Why do other people compare themselves to others, then?

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