Cognitive Distortions and Negative Thinking

Cognitive Distortions and Negative Thinking

Improving Your Self-Image

Your personality is how you relate to the world and was created by how people related to you and how you related to the world. Your self-image is how you see yourself and how you do inner work. It is the self-image that is connected to inner resources and deals with significant challenges, like healing from a chronic illness, having conscious relationships and doing the best on your job. We have the ability to consciously recondition our sub-conscious mind and create a positive self-image. It is important not to take your self-image for granted, for it is one of the most important things in your life.

4 Secrets for Improving Self-Confidence

Most people try to improve specific areas when trying to improve self-confidence such as speaking in public or getting more comfortable in social situations or taking parenting courses or presentation classes. This is not the priority when trying to improve self-confidence. This article explains why it is not the best idea to first try and improve a specific skill set when trying to improve self-confidence. The article also share 4 secrets to improved self-confidence that you didn’t know before.

The New Codependency: The Senseless Attempt To Make Sense Out Of Nonsense

It is senseless to try to connect dots that aren’t on the page or put together a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit. Yet, so many women put their lives on hold or stay in relationships longer than they should, trying to make sense out of nonsense.

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5 Ways to Get Plus Size Confidence

We have all heard the old saying that beauty comes from within, and that applies in particular to the plus-size woman. It’s not that plus size women can’t be beautiful on the outside because many of them are.

Confidence Is Already Inside of You

So the reason I always say that becoming confident with women is such an easy and straightforward process, is because – when we talk about confidence – what do we really mean? Well, when you think about it, you may come to realize that confidence is not an actual thing; it’s not an object to attain; you can’t go to the store and buy a pack of confidence or get it from somewhere else. So then what is confidence?

Comparison Is the Thief of All Happiness

My morning ritual is pretty much the same when I’m home, the only thing that will vary is whether or not the bed gets made. I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and make coffee. Once the coffee is finished, depending on the weather, I will either sit on the couch or my balcony and catch up on what happened overnight.

How To Boost Self-Confidence – Your Powerful Guide To Help You Start

People with confidence are admirable because they tend to take risks and deal with their fears directly. They know that they can cope with any challenges that come their way. Even when some things are not going well, they see everything in a positive light.

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Is It Selfish to Love Myself?

Is it Selfish to Love Myself? This question has been confusing for me for a long time, until I finally figured out the answer a few months ago. I felt a great relief and excitement to try out different ways to love myself and enjoy the benefits. My relationship with others has magically improved ever since. So, I’d like to share my findings with you and hopefully this may bring you some value.

Help Your Children Be More Social By Admitting Them to the Best Drama School

Any co-curricular activity such as dancing, learning music, performing drama and so on, can help a child become more social and enhance their social life. Among these mainstream activities, drama always plays the important role in developing your child’s future.

Have You Put Your Oxygen Mask On?

Sometimes people have behaviours which they think are good – like putting others first, for example; however, it’s not always beneficial to do this. Read this short article and discover how damaging putting others first could be to your business and even your relationships.

Self Esteem and a Positive Spiritual Connection

Genuine self-worth comes from knowing who and what you are. It has nothing to do with pomposity or money but with what glows within. The big house, car, and other assets mean nothing to the one who is at peace with the world.

Reclaim Your Confidence, Reclaim Your Humanness

Life is not about how many letters you have behind your name. It is about who you are as a HUMAN BEING! It’s also about how you use your life to turn around and help other human beings. Do not tie up your identity into your job and into external accolades. Because when you have lost those things then you will have no sense of who you are. You will be left feeling empty, lost and lack an identity.

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5 Ways to Recover From Terrible Failure

Failure can sometimes break us down and destroy our self-confidence. This article shares 5 ways that you can use in your life to recover from terrible failure. It is important to make time to heal from what you perceive as failure. If you do not do so, this might affect your subconscious mind and condition you to fear taking an initiative to try new things even if this might be good for you.

The Power Of Positive Self Esteem

Positive self esteem pushes you beyond your boundaries. It lets us to take pride in our achievements no matter how small. The stronger your self esteem, you are able to respond more appropriately to the opportunities and troubles in our personal lives and careers.

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