Cognitive Fusion and Defusion in ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

Cognitive Fusion and Defusion in ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

Develop A Brave Heart

Paralyzed by fear that you’ll make another mistake or look like a fool, so you never risk? Missing out on life experiences? Watching from the sidelines? Develop a Brave Heart and live a life of design rather than default

Stop Worrying About What Others Say Or Do!

Stop wasting your valuable time and effort constantly being concerned with what others may say or do! Each individual is just that – an individual, with his own needs, goals, dreams, vision, purpose, and definition of personal success. There is no purpose to comparing yourself to others, because it doesn’t help or improve you, nor does it serve any constructive purpose.

What Are You Doing for You Today?

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.

Communication Between Genders

Communicating with the opposite sex can seem daunting, but communicators improve their ability to converse with the opposite gender by looking at the situation from the other person’s point of view and by acknowledging that the two genders are more alike than most people realize. A few simple actions will facilitate effective communication.

3 Ways to Shine Through Positive Body Language

Our posture and gestures innately project a positive/negative energy that provides observers visual cues as to how we may think or feel. The spark of laughter in our eyes, the slight tilt of a head in response, the sweeping gesture of a hand in frustration are all non verbal cues that indicate to observers our feelings and opinions.

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Do You Know How to Develop Your Self-Esteem and Be Happier?

The general attitude we have towards living our lives with either hope or gloom is based on our own self-esteem level, which develops according to the kind of experiences we have gone through. It tints our expectations and future visions, producing “more of the same” results we are already expecting or used to. If you now feel incomplete or empty and/or lacking motivation to pursue your life goals, it is essential to face your self-esteem level and determine by yourself how to change your perspective into a more positive outlook to have a fulfilling and happy life. Here we tell you how to use personal power to become more self-confident and happier.

Knowing What You’re Worth

People place their self worth in the hands of others instead of their own. They spend too much time thinking about how others perceive them. In other words, their sense of value is extrinsic and comes from external factors.

Are You a Hater?

You know you’re a Hater, just admit you hate on everything about yourself. You hate on others who reflect the things you hate about yourself, whether they are successful or not. You haters are everywhere.

Ten Steps to Become Your Own Life Coach

I’m certainly not opposed to people getting help for their personal growth. My background is teaching, counseling and psychology. I’m definitely not opposed to getting help for living your life.

Why Belittling Others Doesn’t Build You Up

If you want to learn more about someone and truly understand what kind of individual he is, carefully observe how he treats others, and the contrasts between his public behavior (in front of someone), and his more private words and rhetoric (behind that individual’s back). With that in mind, have you taken the time to objectively review your own behavior in this scenario, and whether you ever engage in these types of belittling or berating activities and behaviors? What does it say about someone and what does it say about you, when one finds the need to belittle someone else?…

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How to Overcome Insecurities and Develop Confidence for Lasting Success

Those moments of wavering faith, the stumbling blocks along the way to progress, can stop you in your tracks and knock you off course. But through the application of simple attitude shifts and mental strategies, you can keep bringing your confidence back and push onward until your new mindset sticks for good.

4 Magical Reasons to Love Your Brain

In law of attraction and positive thought circles, brains often get a bad rap. It’s the “monkey mind” that we want to quiet. It’s good for keeping us safe and helping us remember to pay our bills, but not so much for helping us achieve inner peace and joy. I recently found that our brains are a powerful force for manifesting.

How To Tell If You Have Low Self Esteem And How To Change It

In this article I want to talk about your self esteem. There are all types of different levels of self esteem. Sometimes it’s unusually high and sometimes it’s very low.

5 Exercises For Overcoming Shyness in New Situations

When you walk into a new situation, does it feel like everyone is staring at you and judging your every move? Does the idea of stating a conversation with someone you don’t know terrify you? Stop hiding and use these 5 exercises for overcoming your shyness in new situations.

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