Cognitive Therapy (CBT): Thinking, Feeling, Acting Connection

Cognitive Therapy (CBT): Thinking, Feeling, Acting Connection

10 Tips For Building Self Esteem In Teenage Girls

Adolescence can be a turbulent time for young ladies and building self esteem in teenage girls can seem like a daunting task. However, there are several things that one can do to help young women see themselves in a better light. Here are 10 helpful suggestions for building self esteem in teenage girls.

Conversation Starters – It’s Simple Really

Have you ever experienced feeling awkward and shy when you are out with others because you lack the techniques that make effective conversation starters? When this happens, you can feel as if no-one likes you, wants to talk to you or even that you don’t belong there.

You Are Nothing More Than A Tiny Pebble

As hard as rocks may be, they are eventually shaped into something special and different. Yet, as fragile as we humans are, we expect that everyone will think like us, agree with us, and conform to our standards and beliefs, regardless of their backgrounds, the buffeting they took through life and their particular toughness or weakness. You are nothing more than a pebble on a remote beach. I, too, am nothing more. But, for me, that is more than enough, because I have learned that, being a pebble, I am unique, individual, marvellous and irreplaceable. So are you!

Learn How To Have Self Confidence

To learn how to have self-confidence is directly related to the beliefs we have about ourselves, those qualities, skills, and ways of feeling or thinking that we attribute, make up our “personal image” or “self-image”. The “self” is the assessment we make of ourselves based on the feelings and experiences that we have incorporated throughout life. We are smart or foolish, capable or incapable based on this mental image.

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Explorer’s Diary

Last night I was having a conversation with an explorer, a friend and I could feel the tenacious heart that is ready to wander yet attached to the very being of life. This is my attempt to document his life in a blog. Explorer defies the very statement of sticking to a plan.

How to Talk to A Friend About Their Self Esteem Issues

Do you know someone, perhaps a friend or family member, who is suffering from low self esteem? If so this article can give you some very useful tips on how to approach them effectively on this topic.

Slowly Down the Fat Hill I Went

When people hear the story of weight loss they only see the final result.  They get all wrapped up in the final goal, and forget that any change is a journey of self discovery.  They get discouraged by the pace of change and criticize themselves if the process is not fast enough.

Don’t Let Fear Manipulate You, Again

Fear is one way that people can manipulate others. They can use your personal fears to keep you from participating in activities that would help you grow into your best self. Fear can also be used to cause people to behave in ways that they would not under any other circumstances.

The Role of Likeability in Being Influential

What does likeability have to do with influence? Everything. We tend to believe and trust a person we like. It makes it easier to engage with them from a space of realness. What qualities cause you to be likeable? Here are five traits that you can develop, which also translate into the business world.

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Crush Your Worry And Stress With Physical Confidence

Many things happen to us in life about which we have no choice. But we have a choice about how we respond to each of these things. Trick is to utilize your physical condition as key to help you get over the edge.

Fear Should Not Be A Hindrance For Survival

Live one day at a time and if you are planning for a weekend trip, just see to it that you have with you some emergency survival supplies to ease all the anxiety and to avoid untoward incidence that may take place. You can’t relive the past and you can’t live the future.

Conversation Starters – There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

It’s really quite simple to come up with conversation starters. No need to give in to that racing pulse, the breathlessness and the feverish thinking any more. And best of all, you don’t have to memorize questions beforehand. Take a minute to think about this. Starting conversations does not have to be forced. They can and should be natural and relaxed.

It Is Nice to Be Relevant

For those us who are “seasoned” citizens and no longer part of the active workforce, it is easy to focus on the special times in the past when we mattered to someone about something. They staggered to us under the weight of a problem but left walking taller and easier because our wisdom had lifted or lessened their burden. Do you want to have that special feeling again? If so, there is an easy way to regain those magic feelings of relevancy if you know where to look.

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Improve Your Day With Great Conversation Skills

All around you are living, breathing, interesting human beings who are dying for a little decent interaction. It’s funny how we can spend months or years with the same work group, yet hardly know them. But why not?

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