Core Beliefs, Rules and Assumptions in CBT

Core Beliefs, Rules and Assumptions in CBT

Self-Acceptance: What It Is And The Best Ways To Get It

Accepting yourself is the initial step to developing self-confidence. It’s not possible to feel favorable about yourself if you can’t even accept yourself. Self-acceptance is the level of happiness and complete satisfaction you have with yourself.

Message From the Universe: You Are Loved by Many!

You have many talents, in which some you haven’t yet discovered. It is important to search daily what is your mission on planet Earth. Many haven’t yet discovered why they are here for, and some don’t really care. To be looking for your spiritual enlightenment, you need to take some time to discover yourself a bit more so you can figure out what do you need to do next to make yourself happy. During your journey, you will come across people who will help you and others may put a stick in your wheels. It depends on you to break the sticks and keep the momentum going. Do not fear failure as it may occur. Focus more on how you can better yourself everyday. That’s what really counts.

Are The Highly Successful Really Superheroes?

Do you believe that the highly successful are superheroes? Perhaps you believe they are the chosen ones. This post will help solve the comparison.

7 Keys to Learning How to Speak With Confidence in Public

If you think public speaking is about reading off a teleprompter or memorizing a few topics and regurgitating them to your audience, then you really don’t know much about public speaking. The way you speak matters as much as what you say. If you don’t sound like you should be listened to, your audience just might tune out. If you don’t sound like you expect and deserve respect, you may not get any!

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Top 5 Reasons Why I Am Enough

An exploration of the top five ways to overpower my inner bully. Top 5 lists are the best form of explorations, summing life up in a tidy, accessible fashion. This top 5 list is a path of redemption and empowerment. A chance to delve deep and find the common ground of strength that can rescue someone from their own drain-circling self pity.

Just Me

If you know me, you know I have major body image issues. I’ve never been confident with my body and never believed people when they would tell me I was pretty. I have never been comfortable with just me.

Letting Go of Shame

There is no such thing as shame. It is just an artificially inculcated thought, forcing us to wrongly believe that not disappointing others is more important than not disappointing ourselves. It is time to let this unuseful belief go.

Learning To Love The Real Me

I admire me most when I am humble, when I am conscientious of others, agreeable and not demanding it be my way all the time. Most importantly, I admire me most when I extend to others the forgiveness and grace I have been shown. I am learning to love the real me, because she is someone to admire.

There Is Brightness Amid the Fog – Whether a Sunny or Foggy Day You Own the Keys to Your Success!

Fog is a metaphor for issues or events that seem unclear, or unfair. We learn more about our strength and our ability to overcome obstacles, through toil and effort, during foggy days more than we do on sunny days. Sometimes fog is so persistent that we may miss the small glimmers of light that are attempting to shine, trying to let us see that there is a solution. Lightness or brightness, or the solution to a problem, can be found amid the fog, even if only in short spurts or in small measure. Be positive, take action, things could be worse. If you allow the foggy days to dictate your life or ability to overcome obstacles your energy is wasted on worry. There is brightness amid the fog and you have all the tools in your mind and personality to make your life sunny again! A change of mindset, attitude, or ability to follow through with an action- plan, or change your actions can lessen the fog in your life, or make it disappear.

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Never Let Anyone, Including Yourself, Diminish Your Confidence

One of the most common symptom of this diminished confidence occurs when a woman is acknowledged. Often her reaction is to downplay it, give credit somewhere other than with herself or to say thank you to be polite but have thoughts about being a fraud.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is not a new topic. In this article, I am going to tell everyone what they need to know about self-esteem.

Codependency, Addiction, and Emptiness

Codependents and addicts search for relief from underlying emptiness and depression, but it only further alienates them from themselves and recovery. It’s correlated with depression and deeply related to shame.

Be Your Own Favorite Teacher

We are all autodidacts in the sense that we are always learning. That is to say, we should always be learning. Taking autodidacts to the next level can be something that will enrich your life far more than just the skills you’ll learn.

5 Tips For Building Inner Confidence

Are you still faking it ’til you find yourself making it? Here are my top 5 tips to improving your inner confidence.

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